11 Oct 2006 11:57 am
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- Really knackered. Need a holiday (i.e. a few days of doing nothing but sleep, eat and relax without going anywhere or doing anything physically demanding) :o(
- Calling last night was OK. Great to catch up with people (where was [ profile] toripink?) but except for 20 minutes of acceptable Bleep/Stomp from Loki, the music was rubbish. Good turnout, though so good for them.
- Many thanks to [ profile] c0rvu5r3x for the comp copy of the Kreuzdammer EP!
- Mentioning KD, they're playing at the Man on the Moon this Friday, quite possibly supported by Fire&Forget as their original support had to drop out. Should be a laugh. I'll take my camera and hope for good light (haha).
- Battle of the Bands (Battle of the Album Covers would be more appropriate but it's still good)
- Underworld Evolution isn't that bad if you watch it for what makes it good (i.e. mainly Selene's arse). Just one comment: I thought that the Lycan transformations were better in the first film and didn't feel as CGed.
- I'm catching up with Battlestar Galactica after stopping halfway through Season 1 last year.
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QNTAL - Von den Elben

Simply gorgeous. Download and watch it if you like things like Labyrinth, Dark Crystal etc.
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One for the Germans/German speakers:
Video by Walter Moers (Das kleine Arschloch) about Hitler in his bunker. This could have been so bad but it's absolutely brilliant. Make sure you watch it all the way through the credits.
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Someone made a World of Warcraft video (YouTube) using Jonathan Coulton's "Re Your Brains" as soundtrack.
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AWWWWWW (wmv video file)

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