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On my way from work I noticed how clear the sky was and you could see the various shades of the full moon very clearly so when I got home I grabbed camera, lenses and tripod (which took a while as various pieces were in different places) and went into the garden. I tried to cheat the automatic lights but failed so there was a bit too much ambient light for my liking but I think it was OK regardless.
Having only 400mm (the Sigma 70-200mm plus x2 teleconverter) to work with was rather restricting so the shot below is a tight crop. At least the D700 has enough resolution to still make it work.

Mars is in opposition this evening and it was just visible as a reddish spot but I failed utterly to get a good picture of it. The only one I have is in the same frame as the moon but in that it only came out as a spot.


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Completely forgot about this one. Taken last night with the 70-200mm (at 200mm, ISO200, f2.8. 1/125, cropped with Shadows and Contrast adjusted):

The Moon

20 Jul 2005 12:53 pm
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Balthasar)
Go here and zoom in as far as you can for a revelation.

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