23 May 2010 05:08 pm
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Got up around 10:30 and send my setlist to [ profile] alixandrea but soon almost fell over so went back to bed for another snooze (until 1, oops). I'm really getting old...
Made a first start on the Sacrilege photos and then headed down to London to meet up with [ profile] ginasketch at wahaca in Covent Garden for nommy food. A fantastic ceviche of scallops and shrimps, deeply flavoured chicken mole and surprisingly tasty grilled cactus (which I ordered simply so I could say I've had cactus but was positively surprised) and a portion of churros with excellent chocolate to finish.
We then wandered around Covent Garden a bit where we had a fun conversation with the fossil man (I didn't buy anything despite being tempted because I have too much crap already) and made our way to the Spice of Life.
Grabbed a drink and met up with [ profile] sea_of_flame, [ profile] davedevil, [ profile] civi and [ profile] nadriel before making our way downstairs for the Bitter Ruin release party.
The venue is tiny and on two levels which makes it hard for most of the people on the top level to see the stage but I had a reasonable spot at the bannister.

The support band (whose name I've forgotten) from Brazil were fantastic and played some sort of swing and blues inspired cabaret music. The singer had a fantastic, strong voice that sounded at least 20 years older than she was. They also had a skeleton on drums and an upright bass. Excellent stuff.

Then Bitter Ruin came on and they were amazing as usual. The new songs are brilliant and expand their repertoire wonderfully. Amazing what you can do with just one acoustic guitar and two voices.
They finished around 10:30 which meant I was able to catch the 11:15 train and get home before 1.

Watched Doctor Who while waiting for my bedroom to cool off before bed.
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I wandered around Canary Wharf last Saturday taking architecture photos and randomly came across a branch of wahaca, a small chain of restaurants serving Mexican "street food". You can either choose between several smaller dishes, a bit like tapas or bigger plates for one meal.
It's very tasty, quite spicy and nicely presented, too.

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