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The bridge officially opened yesterday. I managed to get a few shots through my (dirty) office window and then took some pics of the bridge itself after work. Seems to work so far and getting across to tesco's is now a lot easier. :o) Many more shots on flickr, click one of the big pics and then on the Riverside Bridge set.


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They're testing it by sending hapless volunteers across it. I didn't know about it so don't have a camera with me. Bum.
First there was a smaller group of joggers, then a larger group of people walking. I wonder if there will be cyclists, too.
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It will only be opened to the public in June but they are looking for volunteers to test it next week or the week after. The article has a contact email address if you want to be part of the volunteer group.
Couild be fun but I think I shall try and document the test from my office window. ;o)
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They managed to put the central span into place yesterday. The photostream starts from the thumbnail. Click through the set from there.

The light wasn't the best most of the time and I had to deal with a very dirty window, too.
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I've updated the flickr set. The photo below links to the first of the new photos. Click through the set to see the rest.

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They're welding parts of the Riverside Bridge and the spark is purple!

More stuff

4 Oct 2007 12:23 pm
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- A large section of the cycleway of the Riverside Bridge is in place (flickr photos)

- Last night there was an interesting documentary about the school kids who sang on Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". I hadn't actually known there was such a controversy and scandal about it (basically, the anarchic music teacher sneaking off with them during their lunch break) and that they weren't allowed to be in the video but I guess that news didn't make it as far as Germany. What I did know is that they were never credited or received royalties. The individual portraits were also quite interesting with their current careers ranging from builder to lawfirm partner.
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Not much to report, really. I was lazy, did some house stuff, watched the classic Re-Animator (good) and Bride of Re-Animator (a bit too much), cooked some meals, photographed a garden spider and slept a lot.

Mentioning photos, I also updated the Riverside Bridge set and there will be more tomorrow as things seem to happen rather quickly (supports have been installed on the foundations).

Reasonably busy at work but not the screaming chaos of the recent weeks.
Tonight will be console fun at [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's.
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That's what the construction site looks like outside and they're doing pretty much the same things (digging holes, making neatly shaped heaps patted down nice and even), only their tools are diesel powered and cooler. ;o)
I think my orginal assumptions are correct and the series of ditches on the West side of the site will be the foundations for the supports as most of the ditches have been filled, redug, had steel reinforcments inserted and concrete poured in.
There's now also a much larger, roughly square ditch on the East side and on the edge of the trees alongside the river. Not sure what that's going to become.

There are various digs on the Riverside side, too but I can't see those from here as the trees are in the way and last time I was over there, it wasn't quite obvious what was what.

I'm sure there will be more exciting things to come. :o)
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They just erected a huge spiral drill and my camera is already packed away. Wah!
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The site is a hive of activity today with various diggers and other heavy machinery going back and forth.
They started moving dirt/gravel about yesterday which continues today and they are also working directly at the riverbank where some sort of wall consisting of large grey plates is being built, I assume for shoring up the bank.
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Dammit, didn't bring my camera again. Too much stuff to think of recently...

They've been mucking about with a small digger yesterday and today although yesterday it looked like the digger was broken as one bloke was lying underneath it for a while. They then dug two small holes.
Today, more lying under the digger and mucking about in the second hole. If I'd had my telephoto lens, I might have been able to find out exactly what they were doing.
Now they're digging at one of the holes again.
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Today, two blokes are mucking about with a theodolite. That's it.
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Still nothing. Two blokes were contemplating the river a while ago but there's nothing moving. So here's a photo from last week:

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Nothing happening at all today.
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Forgot to bring in the camera today as nothing much was happening yesterday but today they dug a number of shallow trenches perpendicular to and to the left of the "road" towards the river, which might be where the supports of the walk/cycleway will go (the whole thing is going to be suspended, not just the bit that spans the river). I'll take a couple of shots tomorrow.
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Flickr set updated with a few more pics. There are now some cabins and the other "pit" is reinforced half way. Doesn't seem to be much going on today.

ION, "our woman in China" brought some tea, the "making instruction" for which I wanted to share.

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They're putting up cabins but not on the two areas they dug out/refilled last week but on the grass.
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While one bloke is operating a digger, three others are playing football. I have photos to prove it. (and tomorrow I'll bring my card reader so I can upload them straight away)

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