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Watching Eat to Save Your Life (Channel 4, with Jamie Oliver and Gunther von Hagen, how's that for a combination) while nibbling on a bit of dark choc and sipping a glass of red wine (which should have taken care of my antioxidant intake), I had a quick review of what I've eaten today:
- Breakfast: bowl of unsweetened muesli (other than various cereals also containing a handful of mixed nuts and a handful of raisins), with half a teaspoon of cocoa and organic full fat milk.
- Snack during the morning: an organic apple
- lunch: baguette with garlic sausage, cream cheese and salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber)
- in the afternoon: a slice of berry cake from the sandwichman (a bit too sugary for my taste but nice)
- dinner: steamed broccoli, kale, mushrooms with a white sauce (made with a butter roux, full fat milk, salt, pepper, dried herbs, mustard) and a few strips of ham and boiled potatoes.
- drink throughout the day: about four pints of OJ/water (1/3 pure OJ, 2/3 water), two mugs of green tea

Not brilliant but not bad, either. I think it's reasonably balanced. A reasonable amount of fresh vs. processed food (the garlic sausage and the cake).

Ooh, what I just liked is that they proved BMI is absolute bollocks. The allegedly obese guy had very little body fat but lots of bulk muscle while the slightly overweight guy had loads of body fat.

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