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So the government and councils want us to save energy where we can and encourage us by offering cheap cavity wall and loft insulation and double glazing.
Why on Earth, then, is the frigging Crown Court building lit up like a Christmas tree (all the offices empty but all lights on) on a Friday night? There won't be anyone over the weekend, either so it's going to be on for 60 hours without anyone actually using the building.
They should set a good example, not put on such a blatant display of ignorance.

If I were inclined to complain, who would I write to?
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This article lists 15 easy ways of doing it and I'm already doing most of them.
I don't have influence on the boiler or electricity supplier as I'm renting; I have a lot of synthetic microfibre (polyamide/elasthane mix) shirts, tshirts and underwear because they aren't sweaty (natural fibres get soaked, these stay dry).

That reminds me, I need to place another order at ebulbshop.com soon. Anyone want anything? They do discounts when you buy more. I need some that fit into my fittings and the one in the kitchen just blew.

They have Penguin saving lightbulbs!

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