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It's been a relaxing holiday doing not much more than sleeping, eating, reading and watching TV. The only break from that was visiting the relatives (the three that are left on my mum's side) yesterday, catching up on things (mostly health related, like aunt Anneliese's hip operation), quite pleasant, actually.

Tomorrow I'm off back to Nuremberg (arriving a bit after noon) where I'll stock up on music and then get picked up for the NYE party in the evening.
On NYD the plan is to sleep in and then meet up with an old university friend in the afternoon for coffee/tea and a long chat. I'm flying back in the evening and as long as there are no delays on plane and train, I should be home just before 10. Too bad I need to work the next day but such is life.

A note for any well-wishers: As I'm seriously low on phone credit and can't top up over here, I won't be able to accept calls and can't reply to texts.
Many thanks to those who've sent me Xmas texts and sorry for not replying. :o(
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (snowman)
Since arriving yesterday lunchtime I have done little else but eat and sleep. Chatting to my parents and watching a bit of TV, that's it.
Different carp recipe last night, pan-fried fillets with pomegranates and a field salad, better than the usual poached recipe. Yum.
Lunch today was a huge haunch of venison with Serviettknödel and red cabbage. Dinner tonight was various smoked fish, selection of cheeses and hams.
I definitely won't be losing any weight during this stay, not with all the food. The alcohol doesn't help, either, I don't drink that much usually.

It's a bit wintery here, just under freezing with a light dusting of snow. Not quite White Christmas but could be worse.

A very relaxing holiday so far and I hope everybody else is having the same.

Oh, and a belated happy International [livejournal.com profile] eddyfate day!

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