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I'm at my parents' in Upper Franconia, Southern Germany at the moment and this is how much snow we had overnight on our entrance path. Effectively, it was about 5cm but there's always wind that blows snow around so you get some more in some places.

Overnight Snowdrift


23 Dec 2010 12:00 am
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I just remembered I do have an USB cable for my external hard drive and it fits!
Due to limited bandwidth, I won't be able all of them, so have a look at the following flickr set

Xmas photos 2010


Disembodied Heads

Tit 3
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The road outside my window:
Winter in Cambridge

My hometown's webcam:
Webcam in Selb

Yes, there's more snow in Cambs than in Northern Bavaria. *grump* And judging by my luck of previous years, it will all be gone by the 24th...
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Wow, I didn't think the snow would stick. It's absolutely glorious outside and I don't have a camera with me (I really need to keep at least the G10 in my backpack). All those wonderfully snow hedges, fences, lamposts etc. would make nice subjects. I don't think I've had really nice snow days like this in Germany in the last years.

What I find a little odd, especially in light of all the silly health and safety regulations out there, is that nobody is required to keep the pavement in front of their house clear of snow and ice. I guess there isn't a regulation because it's a rare occurence but it's still suprising (at least to someone from a snowy country).
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I went outside to free my car of snow (as the snow has now turned to sleet, it might freeze over night and then I'd have two inches of ice on my car) and pick up some things from the corner shop. It wasn't really nice outside but I couldn't resist knocking up a little snowthing. Just a five minute effort and I didn't have anything to decorate it with. It was quite funny, I could basically roll up the snow like a carpet. As you can see, the grass is basically snow free. :o)


Bigger )
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Just before we left Andvord Bay, we spotted a family (mother and calf) of whales coming rather close to the ship. Wonderful. Yet, the wonders weren't supposed to end there.

The destination for the day was Port Lockroy, one of the oldest research stations in Antarctica. It used to be run by the British Antarctic Survey but is now run by an independent fund. The weather continued to be gorgeous and I spent most of the time on deck enjoying the scenery and of course take a few photos. My group was last to land but being as far South as we are, it was still bright daylight. The Gentoo Penguins there are completely used to humans and build their nests almost on the steps of the station. Many of them had chicks and I got a lucky shot of an egg that had just began to hatch, with a little hole and the tiny beak visible in it. The main building had been rebuilt part as a museum displaying old equipment which provided a glimpse into the early scientists' lives. I bought another badge for my jacket and took various photos of Gentoo Penguins and Sheathbills which will grab very small chicks if the parents aren't careful but otherwise live off scraps and guano.

Back on the ship, there was another big buffet, this one meditterannean style so lots of yummy food. While we were eating, we spotted Santa Claus and his elfpenguin on one of the big rocks. He was then picked up by one of our boats and brought on board.

After dinner, I spent more time on deck, walking around a bit to work off the plentiful dinner. I'll be going back after writing this and wait for the sunset which promises to come but not before midnight.

Oh and YAY, White Christmas tomorrow!

What a beautiful day, the best early Christmas present I could think of.


13 Feb 2006 10:20 am
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While it looks like the weather here is on its best way towards spring, it's deepest winter in Bavaria (click the links to see the photostreams). It's not as bad in Northeast Bavaria where I'm from but it's still a lot more snow than we got in the last two decades or so. I actually can't remember having that much snow since the 70s when my dad helped me (or rather, the other way around) build an igloo in the garden.
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Now, this is what winter is supposed to look like (taken by a friend on NYE)
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Webcam pic from a hill/mountain (depending on your perspective, it's 827m high) near my hometown.
I'm looking forward to my holidays. Hopefully, the snow will still be there then.


25 Nov 2005 12:59 pm
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The snow is here already. Doesn't look like it's settling, though so the roads should be fine.
Will take the M6 because I don't think Woodhead Pass will be a good idea. If it's snowing at sea level, there's probably a blizzard up there so they might close it, anyway.

Now let's hope there won't be any fuckwit drivers. I'll be setting off in about an hour.

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