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A glass bottle of milk is placed on a doorstep and left there for 6 hours. Will it have frozen by the end of that time if it was around +4°C when placed there (I don't think it'll be much warmer on the back of an open lorry) and the outside temperature is -8°C? (it's already -6 according to the thermometer at the garden fence and bound to drop a few degrees)
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The road outside my window:
Winter in Cambridge

My hometown's webcam:
Webcam in Selb

Yes, there's more snow in Cambs than in Northern Bavaria. *grump* And judging by my luck of previous years, it will all be gone by the 24th...
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I went outside to free my car of snow (as the snow has now turned to sleet, it might freeze over night and then I'd have two inches of ice on my car) and pick up some things from the corner shop. It wasn't really nice outside but I couldn't resist knocking up a little snowthing. Just a five minute effort and I didn't have anything to decorate it with. It was quite funny, I could basically roll up the snow like a carpet. As you can see, the grass is basically snow free. :o)


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13 Feb 2006 10:20 am
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While it looks like the weather here is on its best way towards spring, it's deepest winter in Bavaria (click the links to see the photostreams). It's not as bad in Northeast Bavaria where I'm from but it's still a lot more snow than we got in the last two decades or so. I actually can't remember having that much snow since the 70s when my dad helped me (or rather, the other way around) build an igloo in the garden.
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Now, this is what winter is supposed to look like (taken by a friend on NYE)
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Webcam pic from a hill/mountain (depending on your perspective, it's 827m high) near my hometown.
I'm looking forward to my holidays. Hopefully, the snow will still be there then.

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