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Apparently they have been filming in Iceland atm with one of the antics being Captain Slow burning his tyres while driving around a volcano. More info here and here.
Can't wait to see this!
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The BBC is trying to keep the scaremongering down.
The most bizarre bit is about farmers not needing to worry. If I was a farmer, I'd welcome a rain of volcanic ash as free fertiliser.

Planes that would usually fly to the UK and Scandinavia or even just over them are still grounded. People living near airports report an eerie but welcome silence.

As drastic natural events go, this one is really bizarre. There's no direct damage or danger but grounding air traffic for at least 24 hours (or possibly longer) across a large area of Europe is quite impressive. If the volcano continues to spit out ash, this could get quite serious and it might even affect the weather. This morning, I read somewhere that a similar ash cloud in the late 18th century had an add-on effect of causing the lowest level of the Nile in centuries.

At the moment I'm just fascinated but if air traffic isn't back on by next Friday and the AFP/Jason Webley gigs won't happen, I'll be annoyed.

Mentioning Iceland, this is one of the most beautiful and fascinating photos I've seen. Aurora Borealis and an active volcano in the same shot. Envy.
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The BBC2 programme didn't really reveal anything I hadn't known before but showed it in amazing pictures, both actual footage and illustrating animations.
The pictures from Iceland made me want to go back and I hope I'll be able to at one point. We had absolutely amazing weather at the Geysir but absolutely atrocious rain and fog at Þingvellir which meant we didn't see much. Another reason is that a large stretch of the Southern coast has since changed after Mt. Hekla erupted only half a year after we were there.

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