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This page is kind of mind-boggling and shows that the one I saw today was a bit naff. Especially the ones with the rotating setup are beautiful.
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12:30 on a Sunday was probably the best time to visit as most people are either cooking or eathing their Sunday lunch, and I had unobstructed views for taking photos. The place was brimming with people when I had finished 2 hours later...
When I got there, they were still firing up the boiler as it broke down and had to be repaired yesterday so the museum wasn't under full steam but various bits were working. They have a collection of steam engines, both the big ones from the original pumping station the museum is housed in as well various smaller ones and some other later oil and petrol driven models of various sizes. There's an "electrical room" with various bits of equipment and a printing exhibition. This week they had set up a Tesla coil in one of the sheds which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the room was far too bright, there was one big door that couldn't be closed and the emergency exit wasn't light tight so the photos didn't come out as nicely as they could have.
Anyway, here's a little preview, some more on flickr and there will be more to come:


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