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On Monday, I went to the Arts Theatre for The Woman in Black which is currently touring the UK. While not really terrifying as the blurb makes it out to be, it was very well done, atmospheric and a very good adaptation of the source material with the proper ending (not the stupid one from the film). The stage design was very simplistic and the same set of chairs and wicker trunk served as various locations. The curtain in the back was solid when lit from the front and translucent when lit from the back which was used to create different rooms (staircase, nursery). I wasn't frightened but thoroughly entertained and slightly annoyed at the woman in front of me jumping and screaming all the time.

Last night I finally saw Django Unchained, the new Tarantino film starring Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz as well as a host of other great actors incl. Samuel L. Jackson playing a slave owner's faithful old servant. Watch out for the original Django (Franco Nero) turning up in one scene (he comes to the bar after the wrestling match). Tom Wopat (Luke Duke), Tom Savini (Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn) and Southern villain staple Walton Goggins (Boyd in Justified) are all part of the cast, too. As often with Tarantino, the music is excellent. It's a very long film (2:45) and it's currently shown at inhumane times (8:30 in the evening at both Vue and Cineworld) but it's worth it. It's also really funny in places. Oh, and for once, the German is correct. :o)
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I've been looking forward to seeing this new Hammer film since it was first announced and the wait was well worth it. It is very atmospheric and creepy and made even me jump a couple of times (although it was more the guy next to me who jumped all the time and made me jump because he was physically close...). Dan Radcliffe is rather good as the lead (a young lawyer sent to a remote house to tie up the effects of the deceased owners) who meets a superstitious group of villagers who all try to get rid of him or at least prevent him from going to the house. He of course gets his way (not least with the help to a local rich guy (he has the only car in the area) and soon starts uncovering the sinister history of the house and area.
Production values are also top notch and both the interiors and all the props are lovingly done.
Of course it's full of the usual tropes and scares and isn't really an original idea, either, but that's not what counts. What counts is that I'm kept at the edge of my seat and feel for the characters. The effects are simple but effective and well shot (moving shadows, faces appearing at windows, scary dolls etc.).
Well done, Hammer, here's hoping for more of this kind of film to come from them.

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