3 Aug 2005 12:20 pm
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Good fun at pub last night chatting and stuff but didn't go to the Calling because I wanted to work on photos.

Photography backlog is shrinking which means I should have Deathboy done by tonight. Then it's KM and finally HFM (all from the Underworld gig on the 16th last month).
Need to sort out photos for my printed portfolio, too, by the end of the week.

Tai Chi tonight. I should really attend more classes a week but currently, I have too much on my plate for that. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks. I need to see Charlie as well soon.

Service and MOT booked on Monday.

The next weekends/weeks are pretty much booked already: this weekend it's Rose Crescent (UA game) on Saturday, Sunday will be a housework day, the weekend after is Consternation so I need to read through Midway City at least once, write up character sheets and notes etc. The weekend after that is Bank Holiday weekend which I need to tidy/clean and gather unneeded books/videos/clothes/crap in anticipation for my parents' visit sometime in September so they can take a load home and store it there.

Upgrading my computer is in order, too. Need more RAM (I'd like to go up to 2GB) and a bigger second HD. In the near future I want a DVD writer for backing up photos and a new monitor (17" TFT) and, possibly, a graphics card.

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