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or at least there will have been soon.

The Cambridgians among you might know it, there's an old, abandoned house in Union Lane (Chesterton, right next to the block of flats where [livejournal.com profile] lark_ascending used to live), set back from the road a bit with a rather high brick wall and wild bramble hedges around it. It's been empty for years, front and back completely overgrown etc.
About two weeks ago, some people cleared out a lot of the rubbish and overgrown trees, they also tore down part of the wall, probably so they could get a van in. There's now a metal fence blocking the gap on the wall and a sign advertising it as "Site for Redevelopment". I wonder what will happen. It's a prime spot for housing and it's quite a big site so it's more likely than not that it's going to be torn down and replaced with a modern, faceless block of flats or similar development.
I haven't seen the house on the inside and it might be completely unsalvagable because of damp, dry rot etc. because it's been neglected for so long. There's moss growing all over it, a few windows are damaged and there's some damage to some panelling so it might be in a bad state but it's quite a distinctive, big house and it would be shame if it were to go. Sadly, I doubt very much that anyone is going to tackle renovating it and will tear it down instead. :o(

I took a few photos about a year ago but I only seem to have uploaded one. Will have a look at home if I can find the others.

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