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Quickly changing lights and strobes don't provide a good basis for photographing Modulate so setting the camera to arbitrary values and rattling off continous shots and hoping a few good ones come out was the only way. At least there wasn't much red...

Full set in the Slimelight set on Flickr.
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Modulate came on 1:30 and pretty much tore the house down. Now a four piece (Two synths, two blokes on laptops and twiddly knobs), they were cool to watch and the most dynamic electronics-only (i.e. no vocalist) act I've seen. They were sweating like pigs on stage and were really going for it and it looked like they really enjoyed themselves, too. The crowd was up for it, too.
Sammi of Faderhead made another appearance during their cover of Dirty Girls, Dirty Boys which I enjoyed a lot more than his own version during his support of Die Krupps in March.

A few photos, more to come when I'm through with them all.

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While most of it was backlit, there was at least some fill from the sides so the faces aren't completely in the dark as for Deathboy *grump*

Comments appreciated, especially from the geeks.

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Main reason for me to actually go through the photos was that I was worried there was damage to the camera or photos on the card that was in the camera at the time. I did have read errors on five Suicide Commando pics but that's not important as the ones I really wanted are fine. No preview of Suicide Commando because I couldn't be bothered. :oÞ


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