17 May 2009

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with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] littlelightbulb: Train Pirates (two embedded youtube vids) behind the cut )
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at the New Players Theatre, London on Saturday, 16/05/09.
The Tiger Lillies are hard to describe, their music encompasses various styles from classic French chansons, Brecht/Weill style dark ballads, gypsy music and other influences. Have a look at their myspace and YouTube sites linked from the main website to get an idea.
The trio (Martyn Jaques on vocals, accordion and piano; Adrian Strong on drums and percussion and Adrian Stout on double bass, theremin and singing saw) are currently celebrating their 20th stage anniversary with The Songs of Shockheaded Peter and Other Gory Verses at the New Players Theatre in Soho, London. Well worth a visit, it's still on until the 23rd.


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The whole set is on flickr.
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Whenever I right-click download something, the progress bar shows up but when the download is finished the window is empty (the files are in the selected location, though). Any ideas?

Got it, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pengshui_master. My memory is like a sieve...
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I had a few minutes to kill before the Tiger Lillies performance so I had a look what was there to capture. Nothing special, just a few shots of fences etc.


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