6 Oct 2006

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[livejournal.com profile] tooth_fairy's post about overfishing and endangered fish reminded me that I don't eat as much fish as I should. Considering I buy my meat from local butchers (who source their wares from reasonably local farms), I should really buy fish from independent shops, too.

Any recommendations gratefully received.
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My vegbox yesterday contained this beauty of a squash ) which shall make its way into some form of curry or chilli.
It looks so lovely, I don't really want to eat it. :o)

In photogeek news, the white balance presets of the D80 seem to be more realistic than those of the D70. This was taken under flourescent light (I have a tube above my stove/worktop/sink combination) and this image is pretty much unaltered except for a slight brightness and contrast adjustment of the NEF image in Lightroom.
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The problem with Pandora is that you find many artists you hadn't heard of (Ian Siegal) or forgotten about (Walter Trout) and then have to resist buying their back catalogue straight away.

And after finding Ain't Nothing But, I want to move to Soho...
Ian Siegal plays there on the 4th of November and as I want to go to Black Celebration on the Sunday, anyway, I might make a weekend of it, if I can blag crash with M and H.

ETA: Solomon Burke, who I saw at the Cambridge Fringe Festival in summer, is on BBC2 tonight, 11:35. Watch it, he's awesome. Classic Soul of the finest caliber.
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"Buddy Guy radio" plays Buddy Guy and lots of different blues, as expected.
"Steve Earle radio" plays very little Americana (unlike expected) but lots of "Rebel Country" (a genre he was part of in the 80s but isn't really now). I would have expected lots of Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris etc. instead.


6 Oct 2006 11:57 pm
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Bigger and link to mini recipe )

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