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So I'm finally awake enough to do this. I stayed far too long last night/this morning but for some reason I wasn't tired anymore and made a good headstart on the photos. So here goes.

I slept in, packed, got ready and took the train down to Stansted where the flight had a "short" delay of one hour. The flight itself was OK, though (having short legs helps on easyjet flights). As I had no luggage to claim I made it down to the station relatively quickly, too. I had to wait a bit for the next S-Bahn but the train/underground journey wasn't bad (about 45 mins). Another 10 mins walk (or even less) later and I was at Heidi's apartment building in central Munich. Many flights of stairs later (she lives right under the roof), I was greeted by her and Mithril and Smaug (her two kitties who thankfully accepted me immediately). By the time we'd caught up with the most important things it was 2am so we turned in. The sofa was very comfortable indeed so I slept as well as anywhere on the first night. It was also very quiet, despite being in central Munich but the street isn't a thoroghfare so there isn't much traffic.

I was woken around 8:30 by one cat using my arse as a springboard and the one pulling the duvet off me so I lounged around with and took a couple of photos of them until Heidi got up. The weather was perfect (warmish for the time of the year and sunny) so we had breakfast at a nice little cafe and then wandered around Munich a bit with another stop at one of Heidi's favourite cafe's for coffee and awesome cake. We wandered back, chilled a bit and then headed out to the Tollwood Festival which was less than 15 minutes' walk away (very handy!). We strolled around the stalls and marquees, had some organic mulled wine and a really nice Gyros for dinner. Then it was time to head to the Grand Chapiteau for the Tiger Lillies gig so I handed over my camera and we went separate ways.
The gig was fantastic. The TLs were on great form and the circus/freak acts really added to the experience. The trapeze double act during was eye-poppingly fantastic. Really really good.
The show was done around 10 so I walked back to Heidi's. I wasn't really up for anything else so we played on her PS3 until 2am. Turns out I seem to have a knack for playing evil Sith. ;)
I slept really well without interruption (not even the kitties woke me up) until it was simply too bright. We again went out for breakfast where I had an awesome Kaiserschmarrn (fluffy pancake) and then took the S-Bahn out to Ebersberg where Heidi's mum had a stall selling her awesome Platzerl (Christmas cookies). I got a very generous free sample and they really are excellent and almost too pretty to eat. We also walked around the town a bit and watched apprentices doing some impressive smithing at the market.
After taking the train back, we relaxed a bit, looked through the photos and played with the kitties (or rather, Heidi did and I took photos). Afterwards, we had very nice Thai dinner at the Lotus Lounge, walked to the next underground station and went our separate ways. Getting to the airport and through customs/security was quick and easy but getting on the flight was a bit obnoxious and the flight was delayed by almost half an hour (without explanation/apology this time). Then again this meant I didn't have to wait for the train in Stansted and I got an immediate and fast connection to Cambridge and the first taxi so I was home just before midnight.

It was a very good and relaxing weekend.
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at the New Players Theatre, London on Saturday, 16/05/09.
The Tiger Lillies are hard to describe, their music encompasses various styles from classic French chansons, Brecht/Weill style dark ballads, gypsy music and other influences. Have a look at their myspace and YouTube sites linked from the main website to get an idea.
The trio (Martyn Jaques on vocals, accordion and piano; Adrian Strong on drums and percussion and Adrian Stout on double bass, theremin and singing saw) are currently celebrating their 20th stage anniversary with The Songs of Shockheaded Peter and Other Gory Verses at the New Players Theatre in Soho, London. Well worth a visit, it's still on until the 23rd.


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The whole set is on flickr.


29 Jan 2008 08:05 pm
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Anyone fancy coming along to see the Tiger Lillies in April?
They've always been at the edge of my music collection but I actually don't own anything by them. As I'm just watching "The Mountains of Madness" (stage production with Alexander Hacke), I really want to.
Anyone using a tambourine with a rubber chicken as a bass drum is right up my street. ;o)

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