10 Jan 2008 01:29 pm
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Anubis)
Artists 'must benefit from touts'

No, no, NO.
Michael Eavis has it right, touts need to be banned. And with touts I mean people/companies who buy large amounts of tickets for prestigious events with the sole purpose of selling them on at huge profit.
Private individuals should be allowed to sell a ticket if they can't attend the show but again, not for (ridiculous) profit. It would be easy to implement a rule on ebay that the starting price needs to be the official sale price. If they then get a nice profit out of it, fine but putting up tickets for a multiple of its actual value should be banned.

It won't be easy to implement that distinction but not doing anything about touts isn't the way to do it. Grrrr.

There've always been touts at gigs but the internet has exacerbated the practice. Take as an example the last Springsteen gig I went to, there were quite a few empty seats (I reckon at least 150, if not more) in the allegedly sold out venue. Those can't just have been people who suddenly got sick or didn't make it for whatever reason. Especially the "box" circle at the O2 was rather empty looking. Curiously, the real-life touts in the tube station were only looking for tickets themselves.

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