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This seems to be the film Henry Rollins talked about last night, the short description fits. Could be mindless fun or really bad. Quite a cast, though.
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Last night I took a train down to London to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing at the Hammersmith Apollo where I met up with [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man (who I got a ticket for his birthday) and [livejournal.com profile] pinkapplejam. Randomly, we ran into [livejournal.com profile] davywavy, too. The doors opened very early (6:30) but the show only started at 8. Not too bad, the seats were comfortable and I had someone to chat to.
It's amazing how fascinating it is to listen to just one man talk for three hours nonstop, hardly pausing to take a breath. The themes were very varied, from his travels to places like Islamabad, Beirut, Damascus and Tehran (nutter), his time rehearsing for the one-off charity gig for The Ruts, the first time he saw Van Halen live (supporting Ted Nugent *snigger*) and other random anecdotes (like trying to pronounce "Karlsruhe" properly). Surprisingly little about the current presidential campaign but a funny bit about Bush's "Where's Mandela?" blunder (look it up on the googles and youtubes). Always funny but also thought-provoking.
We managed to catch the last train comfortably and I was home just after 1:30.
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Henry Rollins now has his own show on IFC talking about films and stuff. That would be really interesting. According to his blog, he'll interview Eddie Izzard this week (not sure when that will be aired). *sob*
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The official merchandise was dead cheap: t-shirts (two sided print) were £10 and CDs (Talk is Cheap Vol. 4) were £5. That's stuff I'll buy happily.

Oh, he has a blog, too.
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No shit, Henry.

Wow! I never thought listening to a single man talk nonstop for two hours and 40 minutes could be such a captivating experience.
Absolute genius.
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In London, Manchester and Dublin this month (ticketmaster link).
I haven't seen him and been told by various sources that he's really good so would anyone want to come along to the London show? (Friday, 24/3). Say aye by 5pm and I'll book tickets.

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