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A rather excellent and fun night.


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PsychoCandy is a new clubnight at the Q Club in Cambridge. It was a lot of fun and hugely successful for an opening night. The club was already packed well before 11.


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Even more on flickr.

Last night

7 Nov 2010 04:10 pm
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was a pretty damn cool night out.
I met up with [livejournal.com profile] pinkapplejam and [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man, said Hi to the fluffy cats and then we had a taxi take us to Japas Bento Box, a reasonably new Japanese restaurant in Cambridge (Saxon road, round the corner from The Snug) and the restaurant arm of the Green Box Sushi takeaway/delivery service.
Their menu is quite extensive, from sushi in various shapes and sizes with a large variety of topping/filling; hot food like tempura and other fried dishes to bowls of noodles and curry.
The deep fried soft shell crab starter was amazing as was the mackerel nigiri (so soft!) and the grilled eel temaki hand roll (almost too beautiful to eat on it's laquered wood holder), the skewered prawns were a bit overdone for my liking but still tasty. I also shared some of my friends' dishes (curry udon, aubergine skewers, chicken nuggets). Very tasty indeed. Not cheap but worth it.
The killer on our bill was the fizzy hana-awaka sake which was served cold in its bottle. It's really nice and refreshing but at 9.80 a 250ml bottle, it's just a little bit pricey.
Highly recommended to anyone who likes Japanese or Asian food.

On we walked to the Q Club for the resurrected (under new management) The Calling (Cambridge long-running midweek goth club that had folded a couple of weeks ago). It was a fun night, lots of people and [livejournal.com profile] thedinster played a fantastic set of electro, EBM, proper noise and some dubstep. Noticed that I'm seriously out of shape. :/
Later on, the dancefloor was packed a lot of the time so people clearly had fun. I definitely had a good time, too.
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Still more on flickr

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Club Sacrilege ran a Halloween Special last night and the Undead and other critters turned out in droves.
A fine need indeed with cool music, cool people and lots and lots of fun.
Here's a first selection of photos, more to come, i.e. I'm going to expand the set on flickr as I process more images.


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It was another fine night at the Q Club providing the best music for the alternative scene in Cambridge on a Friday night.
Still no improvement to the lighting at the club so it's either red or blue or slow flash but I guess I need to live with that.
There was a good turnout for a summer's night and everybody seemed to have a good time.
More info about the club on the Sacrilege website.


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As always, more photos on flickr.
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Last night's Club Sarcrilege in Cambridge was another success.
Guest DJ this time was the inimitable Deathboy who play a stonking set of filthy tunes you don't get to hear much (at least not at alternative nights in Cambridge)
The Q Club changed their ambient lighting again (now mainly red and blue LED spots) which made shots in the seating areas basically impossible, at least without annoying the punters with bright flash so there aren't many of those.
Here's a selection


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All photos released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical Share Alike licence.
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Sacrilege last night in Cambridge sadly was not very busy but it was still a good night with excellent music and colourful people.
For some reason, the light was a lot poorer than last time (both weaker and redder) so the flash had to come out a lot.


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More on flickr.
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Sacrilege is a new alternative/goth club night held every 3rd Friday of the month at the Q Club, Cambridge.
The website has all the details.
There will also be photos from another photographer soon.


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As always, many more on flickr.
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The opening night of Sacrilege last night seems to have been a big success. Excellent turnout, lots of people I hadn't seen in years and obviously the reopened Q Club which holds a lot of fond memories for the local alternative crowd. As was to be expected, the music was rather 1999, which was pretty much the intention.
So yeah, finally an alternative night in Cambridge on a Friday!

It was also excellent to finally meet [livejournal.com profile] d_floorlandmine (who also took photos) and [livejournal.com profile] technotom, yay!


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*groans* Despite getting home just before 3 I was still so hyped I couldn't sleep for another two hours. I eventually got up at 1 and had breakfast/brunch.

It was a great night and AFAIK the most successful one so far. Going back to a Saturday was certainly a good idea as more people came out, and everybody had made an effort in terms of outfits. There was a good and friendly hype going on and everybody seemed to have a good time. The performances were top notch again, especially impressive were the first two from Anglia Ruskin Uni's Burlesque Society who performed in public for the first time.

It was my first time as DJ in quite a while and I had the first set: Funk Soul Brother.setlist )
Next time I make sure I get my MP3s tagged in time as using [livejournal.com profile] dj_slingshot's new console will be much easier than swapping CDs all the time.

Photo preview:

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photos have been downloaded and backed up.

Awesome night, fantastic performances. More when I'm awake (sometime in the afternoon)

But I wouldn't be me if I weren't to post a photo preview:

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Just a reminder that on Friday, 5th of December, the next Bump 'n Grindhouse will happen at the Harris Suite, Cambridge United Football Club. Here's the flyer and you might run into various people selling tickets at WUS or The Calling and other alt events in Cambridge. The first one was a lot of fun and the second one will be even better, so come and bring your friends. Click the flyer for the website with more info, updates to the lineup as they become available and all that.

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Oh dear, I'm shattered, I'm getting old...

It was a good night out, I had a fantastic time. I'm absolutely happy for [livejournal.com profile] dj_slingshot, [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man and the rest of the team that it was such a big success. To get that many (I don't know the exact number but they had broken even by 10:30 which is awesome) people through the door on an opening night, just by advertising is amazing. For those who don't know it, the event was held at the Harris Suite of Cambridge football club, which is not only quite a stretch out from city centre but also completely hidden from the road so will never get random passers-by to come in. Basically, all the guests were people who knew about it or had been dragged along by friends.

There was quite a variety of people, and not just the familiar faces from the Cambridge goth and metal scenes. As varied as the people were the outfits, from 30's mobsters/flappers to modern goths and flamboyant cross-dressers.
The music selection was similarly varied and judging by the number of people on the dancefloor, it all worked.

The two Argentine tango dancers were impressive. Having seen the real thing in Buenos Aires two years ago, I can only approve.

The burlesque performers were good fun, too:
- the first one a very classic one with an Eve theme performed by a very cute redhead with an awesome figure and real curves,
- the second a mix of (strip)tease and walking on glass(!)
- and the third a bubbly blonde doing a fan dance and something a little more rude but funny, too
Sadly, these were my main issue with the night, or rather the venue: Ever since hearing about it I had wondered how they were going to do it (or how I would do it) and I couldn't figure it out. The Harris Suite is a long, narrow room, only about six metres wide, a set of tables/chairs on the walls left and right, the bar is on the right hand side built into the wall and then the dancefloor is at the end. For just a club, this works quite well as the volume of the music is concentrated at the end and it's quiet enough in the seating area that you can have a chat without having to shout. I'd only say that there should be a few more indirect light sources along the walls, or maybe one of those LED rope lights so the front bit isn't completely in the dark.
The "stage" the first two performers used was set along the side of the dancefloor and only about 15 cm high so the performers weren't really visible to anyone further back, especially during the second perfomance as the dancer was mostly sitting down and the really interesting bit of her performance being the floor.
This was even worse for the last act as people had to stand outside the dancefloor as she wasn't using the stage which meant it was basically six people standing abreast on the flat at the same level as the performer. The first two rows sat on the floor or crouched down which worked somewhat but I'm sure there were loads of people who couldn't see anything.

I guess the only way to improve this a bit is to have a better stage that's a lot higher, probably at the end in front of the DJ booth and guests will need to sit down during the performance. This would mean sacrificing more of the dancefloor but it'll probably work better. Another option would be a change of venue with a better setup but I can't think of anywhere that would be appropriate or viable. I didn't really talk to people about it but I think that if people pay to see performances they would want to actually be able to see them, too.

Another good idea was the room in the back with various stalls offering handmade jewellery/accessories, corsetry and a table of manga/graphis by Sweatdrop and [livejournal.com profile] pinkapplejam and a space to chill out a bit for those who needed a rest but didn't want to go outside into the cold.

Overall, I think it was as good as an opening night could have been or even better so well done and I'm proud to be able to be part of the next one on the 13th of December!

So again, well done to the BnG crew and thank you very much for a great night out.
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Synthetic Culture was quite fun except for the ca. half hour when they played rubbish synth/futurepop/overplayed EBM on the second floor and the stuff on the metal floor wasn't to my liking. There was no Goth/Deathrock etc. Loft as it had been double booked for a private party. Not too bad from my point of view but not very good for those who went because of it. The selection on the 2nd floor was a lot more varied than usual, especially in the set between a bit past midnight and 1:30ish which had everything from classic industrial to powernoise with a bit of trancey stuff and digital hardcore thrown in. I can live with that. Most of the people who were supposed to be there couldn't go in the end ([livejournal.com profile] ditzy_pole, I hope your tonsils have shrunk) so I only knew [livejournal.com profile] reindeerflotila plus Terminal and Viru5.

Did anyone go to the Betty Ford Clinic? Any good?

This morning I had a long breakfast/brunch with three women and after a long chat left again for Cambridge. Coming home I crashed out and watched some A-Team Season 5 (not really my thing, but the episode in the mock Eastern Germany was funny in a cringeworthy way). A bit too serious for my taste, none of the building-a-tank-from-a-lawnmower-in-a-garden-shed hilarity.

Then a long phonecall with mum (still no date on birthday party but at least I know I'll be free on the 3rd), then shopping, prepping dinner, watching Primeval (again not bad), making/eating dinner (pan-fried mackerel) and, forgetting about it and having drunk a large glass of Chardonnay, failed to get to [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's for board games. So I watched Bones and last week's episode of Supernatural instead. Might watch another ep of Masters of Horror and then call it a night.


10 Mar 2006 12:59 am
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Just got back from Versus which was really rather good again.
[livejournal.com profile] littlelightbulb played a rather bouncy electropoppy set incl. Panzer by Mediengruppe Telekommander and bloke after her played a nicely consistent dance/trance set which actually kept me on the dancefloor.

Good stuff, really busy again but the average age is 15 years younger than me. Scary.
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A bit short notice probably but I only just heard about it:

Dreadnought, promising "a mixture of miserable goth, spooky EBM, downright filthy electro and whatever else we bring.
Looks good, though!


18 Jan 2006 01:39 am
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Much dancing at The Calling today.
[livejournal.com profile] littlelightbulb and [livejournal.com profile] _proserpina_ played a fantastic first set with loads of stuff you usually don't get to hear at the Calling (just a shame my CD didn't work :o() Loki played some reasonable stuff, too, only about half a year too late (Richtfest, This Shit will Fuck you up etc.) :oP
I really need an intensive Tai Chi session tomorrow to sort out my legs again.

Was quite busy, too. I also shot a load of photos which I'll look at tomorrow evening but they won't be available for some time (backlog too big).

Then, a BBC film crew turned up! They shot the dancefloor for a while and wandered around. I don't know when it's being shown but I might even be in it! :o)
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Anyone up for ARA tomorrow?
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We headed out to K17 a bit before 11 (nightlife in Berlin doesn't really start before midnight, anyway). It's not that far from [livejournal.com profile] lsur's place (easy walking distance afterwards, even for me) and we got there when it was still quite empty.
It was Night of the Living Dead this time, run by a Hamburg based promoter. Music on three floors: downstairs was trad, 80s, death/goth rock/metal etc., middle floor was the generic EBM/dance floor and upstairs was Stahlklang, with Harsh EBM, Noise and stuff and the main reason I picked this particular weekend.
Stahlklang wasn't quite what I had expected but in a good way. I had expected a playlist like this one but what I got was a lot harsher and more obscure than that. Lots of Structured rather than Power Noise and some ambient stuff to start with. I was in heaven and people like [livejournal.com profile] rivetmike, [livejournal.com profile] wintrmute and others would have been, too. Proper stomping/invisible ninja killing on the dancefloor, too. ;o)

I went to the middle floor to relax a bit. What was supposed to be the generic EBM floor turned out to play Fixmer/McCarthy, Feindflug, [:sitd:] and Rotersand (EAD).
There, the surprise of the evening happened. I was standing on the side opposite the bar, chatting to [livejournal.com profile] lsur when a pretty blonde woman came bouncing up to me, held out her hand and went, "Hi, I'm Stella!"
Confused, (pretty women usually don't introduce themselves to me like that), I went blank "Who? What? Sorry?" - "I'm [livejournal.com profile] stellalive!" - "D'oh!"
Small world syndrome again but I still don't know how she recognised me in the dim light. OK, I looked pretty much like in my recent user pics but still. Remarkable. I'm pretty bad when it comes to faces, anyway, especially when I actually have never met (or seen a photo of) the person in question. Very cool!
Danced a bit and then went downstairs which was quite good to sit and chat but the music wasn't really my thing so I went all the way upstairs again. Unfortunately, I was still a bit under the weather from my recent bout of flu so hadn't much energy for dancing but it was fantastic just listening, too.
Off to the middle floor again after an hour or so. There was a nice crowd there by that time and the dancefloor was well filled.
Again, the German goths confused me with their almost uniform dancing style (at least they weren't line dancing like at the Top Act!) in a sort of leaning back goth two-step, no matter what music was played (trad, synthpop or harsh electro). I think I confused quite a few people with my stomping and using my hands/arms a lot. ;o)
The other thing you notice is the more generic style of dress. In the UK, you can tell apart Tradgoths, Deathrockers, Cybers, Rivets and so forth, in Germany, there isn't much of a genre distinction. Even in Berlin, there were no Cybers and only a few with synthdread or plastic hair exensions but nothing as extreme as you see over here. The only exception was one of the barmaids.
We only held out until 3 or so as I was feeling really rather shattered and had big plans for Saturday, anyway. Still, it was fantastic, good value, too (€5 at the door and humane drink prices).

Walked back home (only about 20 mins) and crashed - at least after I managed to disable the clock (one of those with flipping analog display which meant there was quite an audible *clack* every minute).

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