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After wandering around Canary Wharf last Saturday I went back into the city, walking from Borough High Street North over the river

A few more on flickr.


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I wandered around the almost empty streets of Canary Wharf last Saturday. It's a pure business district where many banks and other financial instituions/businesses have their headquarters so the population drops drastically on weekends.
The light was reasonable, too, although a bit hazy at times.
Here are some of the results (even more on flickr):


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They don't allow photography except in the entrance hall and the main staircase so this is what I had. There were too many people (and I only had my midrange zoom) for an effective shot of the staircase so I concentrated on portraits of some of the statues and busts. I have no idea who they are because there weren't any names on the labels, just numbers.


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I spent a long weekend visiting friends in Edinburgh and the weather was good enough to take an number of shots around town.
I tried to capture the things people don't necessarily take photos of and leave out the obvious tourist spots.

Various bits and pieces that caught my attention:


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