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Sir David Attenborough
signing books at the Royal Geographic Society after a talk with Richard Fortey on the naming of animals. Thursday, 16/12/10
Taken with the G10 so a bit noisy.
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Still more on flickr

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Club Sacrilege ran a Halloween Special last night and the Undead and other critters turned out in droves.
A fine need indeed with cool music, cool people and lots and lots of fun.
Here's a first selection of photos, more to come, i.e. I'm going to expand the set on flickr as I process more images.


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Viktoria Modesta is not only a model but also a singer/songwriter. Check out her website for a few samples (warning for those of you at work, the music starts playing immediately when you allow scripts/flash).
The most fascinating bit about her for me was her wonderfully sculpted hair. Apparently, it's very easy to do but I guess everything is when you know how to do it.

Again, a few samples here, with more on flickr.


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I have to admit I've been a fan of Ulorin Vex for quite some time so I was excited when this opportunity came along. Her crazy orange hair is just as variable as her poses and the outfits she brought along were brilliant, too.

Here's a selection, there are a few more on flickr.


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On Sunday I took part in an alternative fashion photography workshop run by Allan Amato at 4 Princelet St., an amazing Edwardian house.

The morning consisted of a demonstration of various lighting techniques (fill lights, key lights, one, two or three sources, with/without additional reflectors/diffusers etc.).
In the afternoon we split into three groups, each picking a room with a different lighting setup first rotating models, then rotating photographers so everyone got to shoot with everyone in each setup. The venue is absolutely amazing with a large number of rooms, many of them with big windows, creaky floorboards, even creakier stairs and lots of really old furniture and paraphernalia.

The models were fantastic, too, all with different styles and personalities: Nina Kate, Ulorin Vex and Viktoria Modesta.

Equally different were the attending photographers, reaching from photography student to older than me and both amateurs, semi-pros and pros. I got along really well with everyone and we already vaguely planned a group outing to Houghton House (if/when we're doing it, I'll be asking for people to model for me so keep your eyes peeled).

And last but not least, Allan Amato was cool, too. Nice guy, happy to answer questions and give suggestions. Definitely someone I wouldn't mind getting to know better over a couple of pints.

Let's start with Nina Kate:

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Last night I went down to London to see Grinderman live, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' side project that's rather different from the Bad Seeds' music, harder, harsher, dirtier (both in terms of music and lyrics). They just released their second album.
I only had the G10 and got pushed away from the front rather quickly by the frothing masses but I managed to get a few shots in.

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It was another fine night at the Q Club providing the best music for the alternative scene in Cambridge on a Friday night.
Still no improvement to the lighting at the club so it's either red or blue or slow flash but I guess I need to live with that.
There was a good turnout for a summer's night and everybody seemed to have a good time.
More info about the club on the Sacrilege website.


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As always, more photos on flickr.
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Last night's Club Sarcrilege in Cambridge was another success.
Guest DJ this time was the inimitable Deathboy who play a stonking set of filthy tunes you don't get to hear much (at least not at alternative nights in Cambridge)
The Q Club changed their ambient lighting again (now mainly red and blue LED spots) which made shots in the seating areas basically impossible, at least without annoying the punters with bright flash so there aren't many of those.
Here's a selection


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All photos released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical Share Alike licence.
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Before I turned these into pasta sauce, I had to take a photo.
I only realised later that I should have washed them first but I'm not a big fan of overly polished food pics.
Natural light from a window.

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This was my last set at the Perch.
Danielle is a professional ballet dancer from Canada Gothindulgence had brought along for our group shoot. She was simply amazing and could bend in ways that shouldn't be possible. ;o)
We tried a few locations and came up with some great images, I think.


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Dark Morte was one of the models hired for the group shoot who was gracious enough to step in when two of my originally planned models had to cancel.

Bigger and two more )
Photography by me, post-editing by the model.

Amaranth was already armed with a concept and had picked both a spot at the venue and an outfit when we started shooting.

Bigger and one more )
Photography by me, post-editing by the model.

More as and when I get round to editing the photos.
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Hal Sinden is a bit of a genius, he sings and plays guitar in various bands and is a fine model with a very distinct look.
I'd met him briefly at previous shoots but this time was the first we managed to overlap our schedules for a few images, first solo and then joining his fiancé Beth Ryan.


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Angel of Darkness is a rather unconventional model and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Due to various shifts in schedules and time constraints, we only had about 20 minutes but managed to get a nice selection of images.
She does the doll thing rather well and the various props at The Perch went perfectly with that theme.


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The first time I saw Buddy Guy was a few years ago when he supported Jeff Beck (who was rubbish) at one of the Tower of London gigs. He was absolutely brilliant then but I only saw a little bit of him when he wandered down the aisle during one track.
This time it was a headline gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire and I was bright and early so ended up in the second row standing, probably about 3m from his microphone.
Support was by Bjørn Berge, just a Norwegian and his two acoustic guitars (a 12 and a 6-string) and a Seasick Steve-ish stomp box thing (but smaller, he just tapped it with his toes) playing anything from acoustic blues to some really wild multi-level picking madness, a bit like Rodrigo y Gabriela. Very good fun.
Just before I'd left I thought, 'ooh, I have a standing ticket and will be early, I could take the G10' which I did and I had an almost perfect spot. Just one shot, there'll be more when I'm done with The Perch.

After stage reset, Buddy Guy came on and played about one hour and 20 minutes of blues, fun and banter with the audience. He's 73 but still young at heart and you can tell that he's doing it because he has all the fun in the world going out and bringing his music to the audience. His voice is still strong with an amazing range from a deep bass to a wondrous falsetto and his guitar playing is top notch, be it traditional blues, emulating Hendrix or Clapton or playing with a drumstick, piece of cloth or his teeth.
What a wonderful, gracious, modest artist. Catch him while you can.


Bigger photos )

The light was awesome: Canon G10 at ISO400, 1/60th-1/100th, f3.5-f4.5
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A friends' cat

Bigger )

Taken with the G10. When there's enough light, it's really good. Just a shame you can't move the focus point or it'd be even better.
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This afternoon, friends invited me over to take photos of their 7 weeks old kittens (Gaga, the multi-coloured one and Rollins, the ginger one). They are adorable and were rather sleepy but woke up for a while to play with us.
As they live only five minutes away, I'm sure there will be more photos as time goes on.

Here's just a tiny selection:


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Even more on flickr.
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I cut the rack (which had been marinaded in herbs by the butcher) into individual ribs, rubbed them with olive oil, hot pimenton and pepper and let sit for a while.
In a stockpot I seared the ribs and when they were brown I added a finely sliced onion. After that was sweated off nicely, I added about half a pint of veg stock (which is what I had), turned the heat down, added a good pinch of salt and put a lid on.
After braising for about 90 minutes, the ribs were tender and practically fell off the bone.

Served on a bed of creamed chard and new potatoes.

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Sacrilege last night in Cambridge sadly was not very busy but it was still a good night with excellent music and colourful people.
For some reason, the light was a lot poorer than last time (both weaker and redder) so the flash had to come out a lot.


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More on flickr.
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The Fantastic Films Weekend is an annual film festival concentrating on Horror, SciFi and similar genres in Bradford.

Friday - Fantasma symposium, Short Films, Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Zone of the Dead incl. photos )

Saturday - Three Cases of Murder, Shadow, Horror Express, The Giant Spider Invasion, Michael Armstrong, Mark of the Devil, Birdemic, James Nguyen )

Sunday - Psycho, TV, Patrick, Stanley A. Long, Screamtime, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue )

All in all, an excellent festival with excellent films, good friends old and new. Really sad it's over.

Note: All photos are released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike licence which means you're free to repost them under the provision you don't make any money off them, credit me with a link (either to this post or the relevant flickr page) and release the photos on your page in the same way.

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