14 Apr 2002

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Three years.
Three years of running the Cambridge Camarilla/Anarch game. There have been good times, there have been bad times but all in all it's been fun.
It all began in March 1999 when the former STs left, leaving me (who was a humble NPC player and narrator) with the choice of trying to make this thing work or let the game die. I decided to give it a go.
Immediately, [livejournal.com profile] andrewdavies offered to help out, and he's the person I'd like to thank first. With this help I managed to get the game up on its feet in the first couple of months. Andy then stepped back to avoid a conflict of interest as his PC took Praxis and there was no way it would have worked. The next person to step forward and offer his help was [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke, joining me as AST and also taking over the Herald/DC job.
Other people I like to thank are Porl Spoor, the NST at the time I took over (no RSTs then), who gave me a lot of advice on how the Camarilla worked from a ST point of view as well as valueable pointers for implementing national plot.
Then, more recently, Chris Munday for helping out as AST and Norm Smith for being RST and putting up with my game ;o)
Someone who won't be able to read this but I'm certain will somehow hear this is the late Paul Wallis. He was the ST for Stratford-upon-Avon, the game I joined the Camarilla for. He's always been my role model, I guess, a great inspiration. I am certain, had it not been for Paul, the Cambridge game as it is would not exist.

However, the people I like to thank most of all is you, the players, without whom no game is possible. Thank you for creating brilliant, varied and alive characters; thank you for writing the Cambridge Chronicle with those characters (plot is only afiller); thank you for combining plots that had no relation to each other; thank you for screwing with each other without realising and thank you for being the reason to keep going month for month.

Three years are a long time, and the best ST burns out. I haven't come up with a decent plot in quite some time and I have neglected other things I should have been doing, so I finally made the decision to step down in January.

The new DST for Cambridge will be Paul Humphreys, who most of you will know as the player of the Nosferatu Cowen. Cowen died two months ago and Paul immediately put himself forward as candidate.
Cowen was responsible for a lot of player generated plot and rumours in Cambridge, his downtimes were brilliant, he had dirt on pretty much everyone in the Domain. Just imagine what a player who managed to influence a game as much as Paul/Cowen did will be able to come up as storyteller.
I have all the confidence he will be doing a great job and I will do everything I can to get him started.

I will be wrapping things up, write my last report for this quarter, and Paul will be running the May game.

Thank you very much and Good luck, Paul

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