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16 Feb 2007 10:45 am
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Dice)
Last night was pretty good.
First some cool news from [ profile] autumn_storm and [ profile] twentypence (I'll leave them to tell you about it) and it was [ profile] squad_bzn looking for more things to shoot which we found in the form of a few squishy gangers and less squishy doggy bots. [ profile] rirekon should now finally have realised that even as a Stormer, you need decent armour, or will be obliterated time and time again. I wouldn't be surprised if Arther started charging you Flux tax. ;oÞ
Our previous efforts in the week (and Lenscap's footage) made it into a 40 second!! segment on Third Eye News. Read it

Now, let's hope this Blue will be over soon and we get a job that's a bit more interesting to those who don't just want to pop their caps (or other instruments of mass destruction) into squishy flesh.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Dice)

It was the first session of our restarted SLA Industries game last night.
([ profile] twentypence is the GM, [ profile] gandalf_t_black is our human combat financier Vincent, [ profile] raggedy_man is Arther, a Brainwaster medic, [ profile] belak_krin is Thedge, er, sorry, Sedge, a Stormer with a lisp, [ profile] autumn_storm is Nemesis (new to the squad), a Brainwaster Kickmurderer and I am Lenscap, a Stormer with Media package (and damn good-looking, too). There will be another Stormer played by [ profile] rirekon next time.

It was a slow start and setup. Everyone except the Ebb users had received an invitatpion at Karma for a cheap deal on a Life After Death Account (with footage of the resurrected Deliah all over the news the night before) so we turned up and waited for a long time, accepted a squad deal, had our chips fitted (obviously not Arther) and recruited Nemesis for our BPN. After a quick stopover at Vincent's (whose fridge mysteriously malfunctioned), we called our cabbie buddy to take us to Downtown where our job will be to suppress the activities of a certain biker gang. We got as far as getting an idea of the lay of the land and then had to leave it for the night.
As I said not much happening yet but it was good for setting the scene and getting into the system again.
There was a good quote from Nemesis but I can't remember it completely and will look it up tonight.

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