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A friend recently pointed me at his blog and I've been backreading it ever since. I had been aware of his work but not his name.
His work is absolutely stunning, not just from an artistic point of view but also his ability to pick the right image at the right moment. For example, for this image, did he wait until someone came along that just fit in or was he randomly there at the right time?

This one is another favourite, just because of the mastery of exposure:

and this is just plain funny:

So, if you like stunning photography or even if not, have a look at his blog or website.
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This photo by Vivian Maier is one of the best exposed images in tricky light conditions I've seen in a while. Her eye and her judgment was amazing, considering the equipment she used.
It's really hard to believe she was never publshed while she was alive and she did this only for herself, never showed the photos to anyone.
There's a feed for the blog of the guy who discovered her photos here: [syndicated profile] vivianmaier_feed.

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Poladroid is a little app that takes any photo and turns it into one looking like an old style polaroid. You can even watch it develop and shake it to develop faster. ;) It will take an arbitrary crop of your image so if you want a specific crop, it's better to crop it before conversion. I'm usually not a big fan of image alteration but this is cool and I might take a few photos specifically for polaroiding.

Here are a few examples:

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I still had loads of veg left over so decided to make a soup, something I don't often do.
I had a big bulb of fennel (reserve the tops), two large leeks, two tiny heads of cabbage, a baking potato and three tomatoes.
Chop everything into smallish chunks and sautee everything off in a generous knob of butter and an equally generous glug of olive oil, fill up with veg stock (I used a cube but the good organic stuff) and let it simmer until the potatoes are soft.
Blitz it all up (I used a stick blender) until it's smooth, check the seasoning (I added pepper, salt, freshly grated nutmeg and sweet smoked paprika), serve in bowls and garnish with a blob of cream and chopped fennel tops.
It was gorgeous, I could have eaten that at a fine restaurant and not noticed the difference.

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I have to take a little hat tip to Kayotic Kitchen (there are both LJ and DW feeds and she's @kayotickitchen), one of my favourite food bloggers (despite her penchant for Americanisms) and photographers, because she's making a lot of these kind of soups. It's not based on any of her recipes (at least not to my recollection) but she's certainly been an inspiration. Thanks, Kay.
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This guy is fantastic. And I'd love to do a project like this:

If only I had the confidence...
(thanks to strobist.com for the link)

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