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Although I'm not a big fan of their music, it was good to see them. Their music is coming together nicely now and for Infest, the live vocals made all the difference. There was also enough variation in the songs to keep them interesting. I probably wouldn't buy their CD but I'd watch them again live at another festival or as a support for someone else without fleeing for the hills.
Unfortunately, the only photo that came out is of Daniel Myer who joined them on stage doing stuff with laptop and sequencers to return Steve's favour from the night before:

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The first Powernoise act of the festival.
Now, there are two problems with this type of music in a live environment: Watching two blokes bent over a table with black boxes, pushing buttons and twiddling knobs while bobbing along to the beats isn't very exciting to watch (no interaction with the audience) and the average live PA system can't really cope with the dynamic range of Powernoise which means you'll lose out on the intricasies that make this music actually interesting rather than just the thumping beats and screeches.
At least they actually manipulated their music live (unlike Lab4 the night before), i.e. when they pushed a button or twiddled a knob you could actually hear teh change in the music.
Top stuff to listen or dance to at a club but not the most amazing thing live.

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Harsh Electro/Terror EBM/whatever you call it these days by Vasi Vallis. Not exciting to look at (two "monks" on synths/sequencers and Vasi prancing around the stage like a prat) and the music got boring very quickly. Don't get me wrong, I'd play a track during a DJ set but I probably wouldn't be able to listen through a whole album in one go. No photos because they came out crap.

Unter Null (see separate entry)

Daniel Myer again, this time with his noise/ambient/electronica project. Unlike Destroid this wasn't much to look at (no vocals, just him and his mate on controls) but the music was ace. Even more than with S.K.E.T. before, all the manipulation was done live and as I understand, there were a few bits that were created completely ad hoc, too. I watched most of it from the back sitting on the stairs as I wanted to reserve my energy for Rotersand so I could watch the soundman who was frantically trying to keep up with all the pitch and volume changes they produced on stage. ;o)
They could have done some more ambient stuff but I guess it was too late in the evening for that and people wanted to dance so that's fair enough.

Rotersand (see separate entry)

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