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Further on to my Big Bang Theory post last nightthis morning, I wanted to talk a bit more about the Tomei Animation TV series from the late 70s (in Germany it was first shown in '80). For me, it was obligatory summer TV watching and it could be ever so nice outside but the neighbours' kid and I would usually meet at his (their TV was bigger and he also had an Atari 2600 and other cool electronic toys) to watch it and if we weren't watching it, we would pretend-play it (like normal kids would play Cowboys&Indians) - my first foray into freeform roleplaying without really knowing what that was ;o).

The European versions are also unique in that it had their own soundtrack. For reasons unknown, both dialogue and music were on the same track in the Japanese original so Christian Bruhn wrote a completely new score for the German version to which some people also contribute part the success of the series as it was much more appropriate to Western ears than the J-Pop original. I have this on CD and have even played tracks from it at various events.

It had various inaccuracies due to incorrect translation and transcription from the Japanese original (like Joan's last name which is "Randall" in the pulps but was transcribed as "Landor" and the constant confusion of "world" and "planet" and other terms) but it was a lot of fun for early teen me. While the pulps are set in our solar system, the series' verse was much larger and e.g. Megara was a very distant planet so they had to modify the Comet with a new fancy universe and time bending drive to be able to get there.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Captain Future)

He had not slept for two nights, and even his iron frame felt leaden from weariness.

I love pulps. ;o)

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