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15 May 2011 08:07 pm
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After their wonderful wedding day [livejournal.com profile] pinkapplejam and [livejournal.com profile] raggedyman invited many friends to an afternoon and evening of exploring Cambridge.
We started off at The Pickerel in Magdalene St. where drinks were drunk and tales from the day before recounted.

At the Pickerel

Our next stop was the Cambridge Folk Museum (where many of us had never been despite having lived in Cambridge for years) and it was quite interesting. It concentrates on everyday life in the region and displays everything from farming, household and artisan equipment to reconstructed kitchens and children's toys and (disturbing) dolls.

Cambridge Folk Museum

Outside, we put the happy couple in a modern version of the stocks:

Cambridge Folk Museum

After a snack at Subway (dinner was planned at 9), two guided punts took us along The Backs and back. The weather was still good (if a bit chilly) so this was a lovely way to spend a late afternoon. Our chaffeurs/guides punted us alongside in two punts and were really cool, friendly, chatty and funny and didn't talk as much bollocks as expected but actually talked to us rather than at us.

On a guided punt tour along the Backs

Then a hike across town where [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man checked with Loch Fyne they had received our order (this would become important later). We carried on to The Snug where we had to sit outside as there was no space inside. Cocktails and other drinks were had while chatting - and chattering as it was getting rather cold - so cold in fact we decided to go on walk back to the river, across Silver St. bridge and to the weir on the other side where Mike showed us what the rollers were for (getting punts from one level of the river to the other).

Back at Loch Fyne, we were seated in the back and then found out they had screwed up our order or rather, didn't know what to do with it. While at the Snug we had emailed an additional order of three (IIRC) so they had two orders, one for 18 and one for 3 people. Rather than assuming as they had been told that this was a combined order, they didn't know which one was the right one and didn't do any of it so we first had to order from scratch. (As we'd pre-ordered what should have happened was that we got there and were served pretty much immediately. One hour later, the starters finally arrived. Various people were happy with theirs (for example the squid) but my Norfolk crab soup was boring (there was no meat in the watery soup and the chilli on the bread that was served with it killed any crab flavour the soup might have had). My main was a whole grilled Lemon Sole and it was quite nice, although the fish was a touch over and the beans a touch under but the flavours were good. On the downside, at least two people's mains were actually cold. The general consenus was that nobody would go back (it was rather good about four years ago) but that probably won't make a difference to the place as it was crammed full, even when we got there at 9.

Many more photos on flickr.

After many good-byes I shared a taxi back with [livejournal.com profile] hardcore_genki and left them to get some well-deserved rest while I downloaded photos and watched Doctor Who.
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