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Ozzy ([personal profile] karohemd) wrote2011-08-07 02:32 pm

Dinner last night

Pork Chop, Courgette, Buttery Mash, Cider Sauce
Pork Chop, Courgette, Buttery Mash, Cider Sauce

[identity profile] uglybuffy.livejournal.com 2011-08-07 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG want. Recipe???

[identity profile] karohemd.livejournal.com 2011-08-07 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Er, there is no recipe, really. Sear chop on both sides, season, turn heat down, add courgette around the chop, add cider, lid on, let cook until chop is done and cider is reduced.
Boil potatoes, mash them with lots of butter, season.

[identity profile] omentide.livejournal.com 2011-08-08 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
It looks delicious though it is far too hot to contemplate that sort of meal here (it tends to be 29-30 degrees indoors). Plus, of course, we can't get pork here. We did actually buy and cook our first meat - they had ribs of beef (it looked very dark red for veal, but it's probably somewhere between) which they sling in the mincer whilst you wait.

[identity profile] karohemd.livejournal.com 2011-08-08 11:08 am (UTC)(link)
It has cooled off rather nicely here.
Ribs in the mincer? Bones and all? For Köfte or something similar?