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Ozzy ([personal profile] karohemd) wrote2013-05-20 07:54 pm

Spoilerific Star Trek: Into Darkness comment

When they set off from the Enterprise to Kronos (cringe), they are using a trading vessel "acquiring during the Mudd (assumed spelling) incident". The presence of a Tribble on the Enterprise suggests that they indeed met Mudd who had Tribbles but the encounter went differently (presumably without Klingon involvement).
I wonder if it was filmed and didn't make into the film and it might turn up on the DVD?
If it was filmed (or will be in the future for a flashback) who would you want to play Mudd? Considering the amount of British actors they have, Brian Blessed would be great.

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Tribbles were Cyrano Jones.

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I realised that earlier and haven't had the chance to edit the post yet.
Anyway, point is that there are now two references to old Trek events. Apparently, there's a comic book series which are prequels to the 2nd film and which are about Mudd (among other things).