26 Apr 2010

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Evelyn Evelyn is a new acit discovered and produced by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. Their manager, Sxip Shirey, was unfortunately unable to attend due to volcanic activity so his role of compere was taken over by Adrian Stout of the Tiger Lillies for the evening.

The evening consisted of four segments:
- Bitter Ruin as support act, again filling in for Sxip Shirey. Only a duo, vocals and (Flamenco) acoustic guitar but very powerful music and lyrics and and utter joy to watch and listen to.
- Evelyn Evelyn performing a mix of their own songs and two covers. They play the piano, accordion, guitar, kazoo and ukulele with astounding proficiency and their chemistry is apparent. They also dabble in divination.
- Jason Webley solo. He is a street performer through and through and a mad wizard on stage. His recording do not do him justice, you have to see him live to believe it. For those interested, he said he's planning a UK tour in the autumn.
- Amanda Palmer solo, performing a mix of songs from her solo album and Dresden Dolls back catalogue as well as duets with Jason Webley and Georgia of Bitter Ruin.
- Grand Finale with everyone on stage, including Neil Gaiman on tambourine and a few lucky fans.

The light wasn't too bad, just a little too much red (even more so on the Saturday). As I was sitting, I didn't have the freedom to move around so they are a bit static and microphones and other gear are in the way quite often. Still, I think I got some reasonable results.


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