29 Jan 2009

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I'm glad I picked today to take a day off work to raid Foppdo some shopping in town as it was nice, sunny and not too cold. Before falling asleep last night, I thought, Ooh, I could take my camera and take some random pictures around Cambridge and take the new lens for a spin, especially the Chronophage, mustn't forget to pack the pol filter.
Obviously, when I sat on the bus, I remembered that I didn't pack the pol filter so the photos of the Corpus Clock turned out mostly rubbish (it's behind glass and it was a really bright day, at least the sun wasn't directly on the clock). After I'd acquired a few items of shopping, taking photos also was kind of tricky so I abandoned the idea. I need a caddy. ;o)
I did get a new pair of trousers, socks (to replace all my mismatched ones), a stack of CDs, a new pair of big headphones and some dark chocs from the shop in Burleigh St. and a haircut. My head feels lighter now, it was about time. So, anyway, photos:


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Dear BBC

29 Jan 2009 07:50 pm
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If you're somewhere foreign, please ask a local how the name of the place is pronounced. Seriously, you make yourself look stupid.
No wonder Dalek jokes are popping up all over the place.


29 Jan 2009 09:50 pm
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I just tried one of the Dark Stem Ginger chocolates from the Belgian choc shop in Burleigh St. The seriously strong, *fresh* ginger heat is just mellowed enough by the dark chocolate that you can eat it without your tongue being on fire. Nom Nom Nom.

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