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Zoë Keating is another artist I came across via Amanda Palmer when she both supported and joined her on stage in a few shows.
She's a classically trained cellist but her music is completely her own. Despite her tracks having several "voices", she plays all of them herself. She even does this live by recording and looping layers as she goes along, it's absolutely fantastic instrumental and wonderfully varied in style. It's mostly quiet and thoughtful so makes wonderful background music for reading or working.
If I had to name a similar artist, it would probably be Ed-Alleyne Johnson (who did the Purple Electric Violin Concerto) but (perhaps oddly) not Apocalyptica as she doesn't emulate metal.

Her new album, Into the Trees, is out now and you can buy it both as physical CD or electronically via Bandcamp (where you can also stream the album). Give it a listen!

It's an amazing effort for a self-produced and self-published album (she remains unsigned and happily so) and Keating is a perfect example that you don't need the traditional commercial route and can still make a living from music (as she said in an interview "I bought my house with itunes"). It's the way of the future, no doubt.

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