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This was my last set at the Perch.
Danielle is a professional ballet dancer from Canada Gothindulgence had brought along for our group shoot. She was simply amazing and could bend in ways that shouldn't be possible. ;o)
We tried a few locations and came up with some great images, I think.


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Dark Morte was one of the models hired for the group shoot who was gracious enough to step in when two of my originally planned models had to cancel.

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Photography by me, post-editing by the model.

Amaranth was already armed with a concept and had picked both a spot at the venue and an outfit when we started shooting.

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Photography by me, post-editing by the model.

More as and when I get round to editing the photos.
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Hal Sinden is a bit of a genius, he sings and plays guitar in various bands and is a fine model with a very distinct look.
I'd met him briefly at previous shoots but this time was the first we managed to overlap our schedules for a few images, first solo and then joining his fiancé Beth Ryan.


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Angel of Darkness is a rather unconventional model and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Due to various shifts in schedules and time constraints, we only had about 20 minutes but managed to get a nice selection of images.
She does the doll thing rather well and the various props at The Perch went perfectly with that theme.


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There's loads more to come, possibly tomorrow but most likely only after I'm back from holiday.

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My alarm went off at 6, I hit snooze once, SSS, get dressed, spend too long faffing about to have breakfast, lift arrived, bought breakfast before setting off, pretty much smooth sailing to and through London to The Perch.
Said Hi to Gothindulgence and other early arrivals, chat a bit, scout out venue which had a few changes and then did [personal profile] nevla doing Ghost Dog/Ninja impressions on the roof, incl. some wild wideangle shots and an experiment with multiple exposures.
A short bit with the rather unconventional Angel of Darkness (the first of my replacement models) was a lot of fun and included a tricycle, a dollhouse, an accordion and odd but cool poses.
Then a short and fun bit with Beth Ryan and Hal Sinden (who has the sharpest beard ever and is thankfully not a mad AI) involving props and some extreme perspectives.
After a spot of lunch, Amaranth was next in a high contrast black/red set, followed by another trad goth set in various locations with Dark Morte.
The final set was with an incredibly flexible and bendy Canadian ballerina called Danielle. I'd run out of steam (and ideas) so the outcome is probably not as interesting as if we had worked in the morning. Still, I have at least one stunning shot.

After clearing up and packing, we set off again, the TomTom sending us round in circles (or so it seemed) on a longer route through London but we got out eventually and back to Cambridge in good time. After 12 hours on my feet and often crouching in awkward positions at a rather hot location, I am thoroughly exhausted and will sleep well tonight.
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[livejournal.com profile] ginasketch tomorrow, I'm too knackered to see straight...
As you can see, it was a wild mix of styles and ideas, some my own, some the models'. More images to come over the next couple of weeks, I just picked a few from each set.


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