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Wow, absolutely amazing. I don't think I've seen such a good horror film in years, not only in terms of shock value but also set design, creature design (like an unholy union between Dave Allsop and Dave McKean - on crack), makeup/gore effects, score, story and acting.
We all know that BBFC are on crack but how on Earth could this go through as a 15? I don't want to go into details as that would spoil things but Saw or Hostel were a walk in the park compared to this. Oh yeah, Hostel had tits and arses in it, that was it... Had I seen Silent Hill when I was 15, I most likely would have thrown up and shat myself at the same time...

All of you who love horror films (like [livejournal.com profile] sogoth and [livejournal.com profile] rivetmike), go and see it NOW, those of you who don't, stay AWAY from it, it's only for really strong nerves but boy was it good. I've only played a demo of the first game so can't judge how well ideas etc. from the game were transitioned but I did remember a couple of the sets from the beginning.

Also, how hot was Laurie Holden (the police officer)? Now, I'm not usually keen on blonde, short haired, tall, fit, tomboy type women in uniform or fancy bondage much but she could slap a pair of handcuffs on me anytime...

I don't think I've seen Radha Mitchell (Rose) before and she was quite good. Surprisingly, Sean Bean was just a man as he was supposed to be (despite his trademark rugged look) and Alice Krige was typecast as bigoted evil overlady. I'm a bit worried about the girl who played Sharon because there were some harsh scenes involving her but checking on imdb, she's no stranger to horror (played little dead girl Mary in Kingdom Hospital and was in a Supernatural episode, too)

This is a DVD must-buy.

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