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Late this morning I went to the fairground for the Frühschoppen (roughly translated: morning drink), had a few bites to eat and then watched the parade. Afterwards, I watched some of the games and walked around a bit more but then walked home. I'll sit in the garden a bit and read the rest of my book, maybe have a nap and then go into town for the closing ceremony, then to the fairground for grub and some more fun.

Stupidly, I can't take any more photos because both batteries I had with me are dead and I didn't bring a charger. Bah.

I do have some photos I took of the Ehekarussell, a big fountain in Nuremberg. Click the thumb to get to the flickr set.
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Trundled over to the fairground and walked around a few times, had some grub, took some photos and caught up with a few old school friends. Pleasant evening, the weather held and it was neither too cold nor too warm. A few photo impressions:


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More when I'm back home and have a decent computer with a proper screen and Lightroom.
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Perfect view of the fireworks last night from our terrace but it wasn't ideal for taking photos, sadly. Did take a nice one of the sunset half an hour earlier, though.

I would make a photo post from yesterday but this connection is too slow and expensive to make it worthwhile so I suggest you click the thumbnail for the flickr stream:

Lots of photos of the parade and some of the games and general goings-on. This stream will be expanded as I go along so check back tomorrow.

What I also wanted to show is my parents' refurbished house. Completely new outside and new windows (except the awkwardly shaped ones in the attic).

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Today, I went to the morning session of the fairground, eating white sausages and other grub, watched the parade again, taking more photos (to come) and came home.

Tonight is the closing ceremony and more fun at the fairground.
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Wandered around the fairground, the marquee and the outside sitting area a couple of times without meeting anyone, had a pair of Bratwürste for dinner, finally found my parents in the marquee so I could steal some beer.
Did run into two old schoolmates, a girl from primary and a bloke from middle school, as well as my "little" neighbour. With the exception of Claudia, none of them live in Selb anymore, either, but they'll always be back for the town festival.
Took some photos of rides and stuff which might be online later tonight.

The weather is perfect, too, warm and sunny, not too hot or cold. Let's hope it stays that way, at least for the parade and games tomorrow.
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Just found this.
Change the search map criteria to City and type in "Selb" and you'll find a photo of my hometown I just uploaded. :o)
It has a surprising number of place names and accurate, too. There are still many empty areas, though, so get posting.
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This photo was taken from our back garden at 200mm. The webcam from the earlier post is on the large grey tower (former military listening post into the East), the small tower in the webcam pic can just be seen to the left of the big tower in the large photo (where the trees in the foreground come up to the slope of the hill). 10, 15 years ago, you wouldn't have been able to see the small tower because of the dense trees. Now many trees are dead like elsewhere in central Europe. Acidic rain and bark-beetles being the main causes.

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15 Jul 2005 01:16 pm
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Managed to get all my photos online during lunch:

Wiesenfest - Friday
Wiesenfest - Saturday
Wiesenfest - Sunday
Wiesenfest - Monday
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