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Club Sacrilege ran a Halloween Special last night and the Undead and other critters turned out in droves.
A fine need indeed with cool music, cool people and lots and lots of fun.
Here's a first selection of photos, more to come, i.e. I'm going to expand the set on flickr as I process more images.


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It was another fine night at the Q Club providing the best music for the alternative scene in Cambridge on a Friday night.
Still no improvement to the lighting at the club so it's either red or blue or slow flash but I guess I need to live with that.
There was a good turnout for a summer's night and everybody seemed to have a good time.
More info about the club on the Sacrilege website.


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As always, more photos on flickr.
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Last night's Club Sarcrilege in Cambridge was another success.
Guest DJ this time was the inimitable Deathboy who play a stonking set of filthy tunes you don't get to hear much (at least not at alternative nights in Cambridge)
The Q Club changed their ambient lighting again (now mainly red and blue LED spots) which made shots in the seating areas basically impossible, at least without annoying the punters with bright flash so there aren't many of those.
Here's a selection


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All photos released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical Share Alike licence.
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Sacrilege last night in Cambridge sadly was not very busy but it was still a good night with excellent music and colourful people.
For some reason, the light was a lot poorer than last time (both weaker and redder) so the flash had to come out a lot.


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More on flickr.
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After a long absence I had the opportunity to man the decks again. As this was the first set of the evening, I chose a mix of Dark Ambient, Apocalyptic Folk, Minimal Electronics and Mittelalter. If you're interested in what some of the bands sound like, I've provided links to myspace or their homepage.

The [Law-Rah] Collective - amelisweerd
Near The Parenthesis - Not Here, Not Tonight
SonVer - The Atlas Tree
Tonal Y Nagual - Honey
Conscientia Peccati - Prima Lux
Klangstabil - lauf, lauf!
Ordo Equitum Solis - Playing With The Fire
Forseti - Der Graue König
Sonne Hagal - The Black Rune
Saltatio Mortis - In Taberna
Estampie - L'ham de Foc - A Virgen*
Potentia Animi - Domina
Mediaeval Baebes - Ecce Mundi Gaudium
Cultus Ferox - Aufbruch (Tanzmix)
Faun - Rhiannon
Deine Lakaien - Mindmachine (acoustic)*

*artist request
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Sacrilege is a new alternative/goth club night held every 3rd Friday of the month at the Q Club, Cambridge.
The website has all the details.
There will also be photos from another photographer soon.


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As always, many more on flickr.

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