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In which we fight Somalian pirates and arrive in Kenya

From Cairo to Nairobi )
As usual, input from the other players welcome.
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Well, not quite but we got the character creation done for [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's upcoming CoC game (the three players who could make it, that is)
So far we've an ex army type ([livejournal.com profile] razornet), an archaeology professor ([livejournal.com profile] vyvyan) and a gentleman of leisure (me). Should be interesting.

I also met the house's two skittish kittens who are both very cute but can't quite decide yet if they should be curious or afraid. ;o)
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SLA was good last night and completely different from what we've done recently. We finally got a white BPN (investigating a possible serial killer) and so far (apart from Sedge being blind) we haven't screwed up anything and the squad actually works quite well together.
Lenscap is also quite happy because that's more like what he's signed up for, not running around and shooting everything that moves while trying not to get shot too much himself. To everybody's surprise, [livejournal.com profile] allucius' new character hasn't given us any reason to shout at or wanting to kill him on the spot. ;o)
Regardless of the fact that we actually haven't found out anything of value yet, at least we're going into the right direction.
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Got up early enough, had breakfast while chatting to [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones a bit, packed my stuff and set off. No trouble at all until I hit the A1M which was stop-an-go for quite a bit. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] elani's well written directions, I found the car park with no problem and as I was walking up the hill, I heard [livejournal.com profile] davedevil call my name behind me so we walked to [livejournal.com profile] sherbetsaucers cute timber-framed house together, where I randomly met [livejournal.com profile] onelittlething who is one of his housemates. We then walked over to meet [livejournal.com profile] colonel_maxim on the way to play the game at [livejournal.com profile] elani's.
Character generation was quick and simple so after the usual mucking about we got the game started and quite a few bits done. The scene was wonderfully set and ended in a proper cliffhanger, too.

The cast:
Freddy "Four-Eyes" Fredricks, dashing young reporter for the New York Explorer (me)
Cpt. St. John de Vere, British India Army officer ([livejournal.com profile] colonel_maxim)
Thomas Jeffreys, black man who recently inheritetd the estate of a rich industrialist ([livejournal.com profile] sherbetsaucers)
Catharine Brookmyre, English lady of mysterious talent ([livejournal.com profile] elani)
I shall be writing an IC bit later tonight.

When I left, it was raining but it really started when I was underway. This lasted up to junction 9 where I left the A1 in bright sunshine and blue skies all the way to Cambridge.

Now I'm going to cook something so I can have dinner when Eurovision starts.


11 Apr 2007 10:47 am
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Won't read LJ much during the day, far too busy at work... :o(

SLA was very cool last night, we actually got moving and got stuff done without screwing up (too much). I feel a bit sorry for [livejournal.com profile] allucius but I think he took it in his stride and realised how [livejournal.com profile] squad_bzn works. "Tosser" was most likely a very cool character but it sadly didn't quite fit in so we had to let him go.

Note to self: There's no such thing as "Just say Hi to [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones and chat a bit until midnight or until I've caught up on LJ and email and got the download of Life on Mars started, whatever's earlier" because she will keep me up all night. Do you ever sleep? o_O I could just be rude and switch off but I'm far too much of a gentleman to do that. :o/ Besides, the chats are fun. :o)

Stupid laptop was on automatic updates and restarted during the night which meant the LoM download didn't get finished. :o/
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Professor Angell's box (from the superb CoC silent film)
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Margaret Weis Productions to make BSG RPG.
I wonder if that one will have a character sheet?


19 Nov 2006 07:15 pm
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Back from the CarribbeanRetford (got to [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's in record time, well under two hours drive and I got in at about 5:30.
It was a good weekend, lots of fun playing, catching up with old friends and making new ones (does Frances have an LJ?)
We made good progress from Bar Hill at first but traffic on the A1 slowed down soon enough so the journey took us almost three hours. Very good thing that we left as early as we did as we didn't get stuck as many others did later...
Checked into our room, unpacked a bit and went to the main hotel to pick up our character packs and say Hi to people in the bar.
Due to a crash on the M1, many people were delayed so the schedule was pushed back by an hour which meant we had plenty of time to chat and make introductions, relax a bit, eat awfully bland and overpriced bar food, read our character packs and get changed.
Things got started with the brief and rules introduction and then it was finally time-in.
Spent some time milling about and trying to see who was there and what my options were. Other things happened, too but I won't get into details in case this will be run again somewhere at some point. At least I got to work on my objectives and getting somewhere, too.
After a lardy breakfast there was voyaging, treasure hunting and working on my objectives. By Saturday night I seemed to have the reputation as the best lookout in Freetown, considering even Henry Morgan and Morgan Adams - then the Pirate Queen - wanted my services.
After not being happy with the "bar food" we decided to skip the set dinner (the menu sounded great but judging by last year, it would be just as bland as the bar food) and got some rather nice Chinese take-away instead which not only saved us 15 quid but also some time I spent by processing some photos.
Happy to still be alive after Saturday night with actually having done something in terms of game and character development, I got a nice dram of some 15 year old Malt from the bar and chatted with various players including Dave who usually gets paid for playing a pirate (they have a complicated URL which I can't remember).
I screwed up setting my alarm so we got up an hour earlier than we wanted but hey, we had at least time to eat breakfast and pack our bags before the Sunday session started. This was good fun, too, as I got to play a completely different character (my previous character having escaped to join his employers, the Royal Navy, after Saturday night's events). Some very scary photos resulted from that session, too....
After it was done, we got changed, piled our plates with free (and actual not bland) food and were debriefed during which various bits of plot, secret identities and so forth were revealed.
Said our good-byes, got on the road and had pretty much plain sailing back home, roadworks only slowing us down a bit twice this time.

All in all, a good weekend indeed.
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It was the first session of our restarted SLA Industries game last night.
([livejournal.com profile] twentypence is the GM, [livejournal.com profile] gandalf_t_black is our human combat financier Vincent, [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man is Arther, a Brainwaster medic, [livejournal.com profile] belak_krin is Thedge, er, sorry, Sedge, a Stormer with a lisp, [livejournal.com profile] autumn_storm is Nemesis (new to the squad), a Brainwaster Kickmurderer and I am Lenscap, a Stormer with Media package (and damn good-looking, too). There will be another Stormer played by [livejournal.com profile] rirekon next time.

It was a slow start and setup. Everyone except the Ebb users had received an invitatpion at Karma for a cheap deal on a Life After Death Account (with footage of the resurrected Deliah all over the news the night before) so we turned up and waited for a long time, accepted a squad deal, had our chips fitted (obviously not Arther) and recruited Nemesis for our BPN. After a quick stopover at Vincent's (whose fridge mysteriously malfunctioned), we called our cabbie buddy to take us to Downtown where our job will be to suppress the activities of a certain biker gang. We got as far as getting an idea of the lay of the land and then had to leave it for the night.
As I said not much happening yet but it was good for setting the scene and getting into the system again.
There was a good quote from Nemesis but I can't remember it completely and will look it up tonight.
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Just one of the quotes from [livejournal.com profile] belak_krin's superb one-off game of Dead of Night at the Bun Shop.
Very silly and very fun. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] belak_krin for running it and to [livejournal.com profile] akonken (fearless reporter), [livejournal.com profile] jholloway (conspiracy theorist), [livejournal.com profile] rirekon (shoe fetishist) and [livejournal.com profile] twentypence (dimwit) for adding to the fun. :o)
There were fish monsters, carnies, evil mad cultists, mad dogs (and Survival Bones), crazy stunts, bad special effects and everything else a B-Movie Horror RPG needs.
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I finally remembered to have a look at a site 'delf found last year.
It has the complete collection of the Lone Wolf solo adventure books by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (far superior to Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy books, I found).
You can either play online or download the books as a zip file. It even has illustrations and maps.
Wonderful for being bored at work.

Here be Lone Wolf
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It doesn't exist yet but Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze are going to produce it if they can get $1,000 in pledges together. The premise looks interesting.
(thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eggwhite)
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If you like, do try and pick up a copy of Dead of Night (by Steampower Publishing, available at the Horsemen Events stand, to be later distributed by Key20).

Not only does it look like a good laugh but it also features the amazing art of the talented [livejournal.com profile] belak_krin, illustrator extraordinaire (the link above has a few samples).

Go on, you want to!
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Just received my "character sheet", if you can call an eight page PDF document that.
Wow, these people really put a lot of effort into their games. I've heard lots of good things about them and when I saw the announcement for this one last year, I signed up immediately. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Gah, and then I realised that I completely forgot to care about costume. I assume a variation on my Balthasar costume will have to do. I have a hat, which is good. Black shirt, waistcoat, pocket watch. A frock coat would have been nice but there's no way I'll find something affordable until then.
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[livejournal.com profile] belak_krin voiced interest in playing Midway City at one point and I'd be more than happy to run a (irregular) game. It would also be a good opportunity to playtest the scenario I'll be writing for Dragonmeet in December.
However, this won't be before the end of September (I have various things to sort out first).

Who would be interested? (ideally not more than four players)
Finding a time will be a bit tricky, too. During the week, I only have Monday and Thursday evening free but the occasional Sunday afternoon would work, too. I'd also need somewhere to actually run it as my place is just about big enough for myself.
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Finally fotopic let me so here they are

Various photos

Gamers' Wives on Sunday
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Got out of work nice and early, dropped off my deliveries at home, made some sandwiches and headed off to Consternation. Took me about 20 minutes because Histon Road was packed but got there eventually. Funnily enough, the first familiar face I met wasn't a roleplayer but [livejournal.com profile] medieval_bunny who's currently staying at New Hall with the rest of her troupe before they go off on their big US tour.
Other familiar faces soon followed, the usual suspects really I only see at cons. Got my badge and programme, put up the sign up sheet for Midway City (5 of 6 slots filled at time of writing!), signed up for Dogs in the Vineyard run by [livejournal.com profile] gbsteve tomorrow morning and played San Juan  (card game) with Hammy and some other people.
Sat in a bit on a panel about self-publishing RPGs with Allen Varney, [livejournal.com profile] ffutures and Nicholas Caldwell. Quite interesting.
Then it was time for the Paranoia freeform. Much fun but a bit short and showed that Allen Varney can not only write well but is a great player, too.
I chatted to him a bit afterwards and showed him Midway City, which he thought was a great idea and was well impressed with the layout and artwork. Too bad his Paranoia XP game clashes with it but I might run another one Sunday morning.
Wandered back to the walkway and found the boardgamers from earlier to join in a game of Puerto Rico, in which I unexpectedly came second. It's a very good game but not one for me as it's only strategy and has basically no random elements.

Quote of the evening:
D20 has eaten the brains of the RPG industry - Allen Varney, author of Paranoia XP (among others), at Consternation


Very good first evening of the con. Looking forward to tomorrow. Don't know what I'm doing tomorrow evening yet. Someone's running Kult but I don't think it's a good idea playing Kult with people I don't know. I'll take some small board/card games and do the quiz and things, I think.
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Consternation is this weekend, New Hall College (Huntingdon Rd).
Official kick-off is 17:30 this evening until 17:00 on Sunday (but open all evening Sunday as well)
I'll be running Midway City tomorrow afternoon (don't know exact time yet).
High quality role playing convention: TT and freeforms, some people usually also play board and card games (but you won't see any kids with CCGs), panels, a real ale bar and best of all, no tournaments!

Be there or somewhere else.

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