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This dropped onto my desk today. It's a two-disc set, a CD with remixes (Two of I Cry, one each of I Am With You, Rushing, Shelter and Inner World), two new tracks (Call Me Stupid and Mission) and a DVD with live versions of Last Ship (sadly not recorded at Infest or I would have been on it, see icon), Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy and Undone plus an "interview section".
Two new tracks, remixes, and a DVD which is basically a gimmick so not that great a value (full album price) except for die hard fans and DJs.
Mind you, the remixes are good, especially Knilf Oderberg's of Inner World but the new tracks are a bit flat and I usually like a little more substance. Leave out the DVD and price it as a MCD and I would recommend it.
This is actually the first time I'm disappointed with a Rotersand release because the new tracks aren't that inspiring. (edited because I'm stupid)
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I bought €250 worth of CDs, they'll take a while to get through...

Rotersand - 1023 [10/10]
Rotersand have done it again. While the last album had floor fillers like Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy, it also had acoustic ballads and other songs away from the four-on-the-floor concept. 1023 keeps to this concept a bit further. The music is still mainly electronic but there are more guitars and "real" drums on more tracks.
I've tried not being a fanboy and find faults here and there and can't really. This is just very good music indeed. It's varied, there's still EBM and it's dancy but it's really something that has a lot of unique elements. My favourite of the dancy tracks is "Don't Know" and off the whole album "The Gods have gone Insane".
I just wished more bands would work on their music and actually try to do something a little different each time they make an album.
"Lost" is No. 1 in the DAC singles charts and the album (released this week) is already at 5.

Tonal Y Nagual - The Unseen Deserts [9/10]
There's no pigeon hole you can shove this band into, it's somewhere between Industrial, Minimal Electronics, Noise, (Neo)folk with ethnic elements and Dark Ambient and all of those at the same time, quite a bit off the beaten path and probably only really accessible to people like [livejournal.com profile] sublevel3, [livejournal.com profile] jonny_eol and [livejournal.com profile] von_geisterhand. If you like Coil, Haus Arafna, Der Blutharsch and similar, you'll like this, too.
You need to get your head around the weirdness and force yourself to listen, then it's beautiful. I took off one point from the top score only because I think the production values could be better. However, this is a tiny indie production so it's all forgiven.
I'm really looking forward to the new material with [livejournal.com profile] madmoses as a full-time member.
TYN on myspace and despite them being on a very small indie label, you can buy their CD at musicnonstop which has a good review, too!

Down Below - Sinfony23 [6/10]
Brand new gothic rock from Germany. Pretty much the exact opposite of TYN, simple, accessible, happy gothic rock with lots of synths and lala vocals. A bit weak for my liking but it definitely should rock the dancefloors and live music venues. My biggest criticism is the lack of variety, after a while all the songs sound the same. However, production values are very good and they'll have room for improvement and varying their output.

Deine Lakaien - 20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde (2 CDs) [10/10]
What might sound like a Best-of album is far from it. This is not just a collection of 22 old songs but Ernst Horn teamed up with the Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra and rearranged them. Recorded live, it's reminiscent of the Acoustic album but with a full orchestra.
Awesome stuff.

Dunkelschön - Irfind [7/10]
Medieval/Folky stuff similar to early Faun (review of their current album to come) before they went the crossover way. Nice, lovely to listen to on a balmy summer night sitting under trees but maybe not if you want to dance your socks off. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's nothing special, either. Nice background music.

and now two albums I've been meaning to get for a while

Dope Stars Inc. - Gigahearts [8/10]
Fun, bouncy, energetic Industrial/Rock/Electroclash from Italy. A cool blend of guitars and electronic elements in a series of powerful tracks that make you want to dance around like mad.

Eisbrecher - Antikörper [7/10]
The second album of the band who on their first single sounded like another Rammstein clone but with their first album did very much their own thing.
It's good, solid, industrial rock with heavy guitars, soft synths and sonorous vocals. Every song on its own is brilliant but on the whole album, it does get a bit samey after a while and rather Rammstein-like, too. I miss a track like Fanatica from the first album, for example.
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After being rather useless all day yesterday (the week of feeling crappy and not having enough sleep finally took its toll and I slept til midday), I managed to miss the train I had intended to take (but it would have been delayed, anyway, so no harm done, bloody "fatalities") but still arrived at the N1 centre before everyone had gathered. Of our group I only knew [livejournal.com profile] psychokatuk, [livejournal.com profile] steve_a23 and [livejournal.com profile] jonny_eol. As usual for me, I've forgotten all the other names, anyone care to help? EDIT: People included girls from Germany ([livejournal.com profile] skorpionuk) and South Africa ([livejournal.com profile] taryn_vee) and [livejournal.com profile] greeba (who knew [livejournal.com profile] angusabranson via a housemate). Small world indeed.
After chatting about anything and everything, a lovely seafood stirfry and even better wild berry sorbet, we headed over to Slimes a bit before 8 only to find that the doors had just been opened so we weren't really late. Wandered around a bit and bumped into [livejournal.com profile] owdbetts (who seemed to be the only Camgoth there), [livejournal.com profile] kneeshooter (I feel your pain) and finally [livejournal.com profile] stellalive (one day we'll manage to exchange more than a few words outside a noisy club/gig). [livejournal.com profile] angusabranson turned up later, too.

Things were running late which didn't bode well for me being able to see it all before I had to leave but RBN eventually took the stage and were surprisingly good. For some reason I had expected something more trad goth, not synthpoppy EBM but it worked quite well and I enjoyed them much more than I did, say Frozen Plasma at Infest or V2A at Black Celebration. Good response from the crowd already which was probably down to them playing on home ground (Steve being the main Slimelight DJ) so all was good.

Rotersand finally got on at 10 and took off immediately with Truth is Fanatic merging into Almost Violent. The setlist was similar to the one at Infest but in a different order and of course Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy was the highlight. Cool to see Rascal playing guitar during One Level Down, too which added just a little more to the whole experience. Sadly, I had to leave after Lost (very promising indeed for any new material coming along) as I really didn't fancy the long and uncomfortable train/bus combo which would have taken me into Cambridge at 2:40.
Still, it was worth it and it only speaks for Rotersand's enthusiasm, charisma and ability to work a crowd that they managed to bring even a crap venue (hardly any light on stage and the room being narrow and long with obstacles in between) like Slimelight to boiling point. [livejournal.com profile] angusabranson mentioned that it was almost sold out in advance and there were only a few tickets left at the door. Very cool indeed.

Was very lucky with tubes so made it to my train with plenty of time but it's better safe than sorry. [livejournal.com profile] owdbetts just made it in time, too, having stayed a bit longer so we spent the journey home catching up a bit.

Sorry to all those of you I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to! :o(


30 Aug 2006 02:04 am
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Originally uploaded by kneeshooter.

This is one of [livejournal.com profile] kneeshooter's photos of the Rotersand set at Infest. Do you recognise that arm with the wristband? That's mine! You can also see my hairline, just not my face. That was during Last Ship when Rascal went along the front row to let people sing "Fiery Skies". Sooo close...

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Where to start and how to write it so as not to sound like a complete fanboy? Let's start from the beginning.
I will never be able to understand why it took the UK so long (two years) to really catch on to this superb (for wont of a better word because their music is so much more) EBM band from Germany but they are finally here properly and as the Saturday headliner to boot, at the top where they belong. I wasn't at Infest last year but I'm sure they made a suitable impression on everyone there so that the organisers booked them as headliners.
Their more recent success is undoubtedly at least partly due to the superb track Exterminate Annihilate Destroy with the Dalek sample. The funny thing is that they actually didn't know the source of the sample (Dr Who is virtually unknown in Germany, I only heard about it when I moved over here) - as came to light in an interview on the MissJinny show where they were asked who their favourite Doctor was and they didn't understand the question. ;o)

I'm also glad they were headliner because the sound was perfectly mixed and there were no technical glitches except for the odd feedback or two when Rascal stepped in front of a speaker. I was standing right in front in the center so didn't get the brunt of the main speakers. In fact, [livejournal.com profile] psychokatuk's screeches and screams were harder on the ears than anything from the stage. ;oÞ
As with Unter Null, I wasn't sure how exciting the show would be as it's just three people: Rasc on vocals, Gun on keyboards/guitars and Krischan on decks/sequencers and other black boxes as well as backing vocals but they delivered everything I could possibly hope for and more.

Right, the gig: I'm really crap and can't actually remember what song they started with but it took off right away and the audience was up for it from the start, too. I didn't see much of the audience because I was in the front row but there were some serious vibes coming from behind me and much applause and screaming. I do remember they played a nice hard version of Almost Violent (one of my favourites) very early on and there was a really good mix of old and new. Many of the tracks had a remix quality to them so sounded quite different from the CD, even if it was just Rasc changing his singing style.
The frontman is a bit of an animal, anyway, jumping and running across the stage, throwing his furry microphone stand (*shudder*) about, stepping in front the stage and jumping from speaker to speaker (almost kicking [livejournal.com profile] kneeshooter in the head at one point) or jumping onto the step on the other side of the security barrier and even jumping the barrier altogether and wander around the audience during one track (argh, which one was it?). Rasc can sing and really connects with the audience and that's exactly what an electronic band needs to distract from the lack of "real musicians" on stage.
If someone asked me which song was the best, I couldn't really tell because they were all performed well indeed but I guess it has to be Storm as the live drumming by Rasc and Krischan added an entire level to the song. They had two electronic drum kits facing away from each other (so the drummers would face each other) and drummed away like mad, Koto style. That worked really well and was a bit reminiscent of Feindflug, although they use real drums. Hm, I wonder what Rotersand would sound like if they added a real drummer like FLA did on the Sunday? Would be cool, no doubt.

Another fine moment was this:
Rasc: "Do you like harsh, industrial music?"
Audience: YAY! *screams* *stomps*
Rasc: "Then this one isn't for you."
Rotersand: *play One Level Down*
which is one of the slow pieces I really like. :o)

Just two photos came out but then again, I didn't really try hard, I was far too busy singing along (literally at one point during Last Ship, when Rasc shoved his microphone into my face and I shouted a "Fiery Skies" for everone to hear - mine was the second as [livejournal.com profile] psychokatuk refused ;oÞ):


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