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Only a few. I didn't catch much of the Filking and there were no freeforms or LARPs which are generally more interesting to photograph than tabletop RPGs.


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was also good. In the morning, I played a pirate themed Heroquest game with Tim Ellis which was very cool and involved sailing to the Isle of Death and looking for its treasure with some fantastic fights in, under and above water. Afterwards I had lunch and then watched Professor Yaffle (Ian Watson) and associates trying to indentify various objects the audience had brought. If his writing is as witty and funny as he's in real life, I think I need to read some of his books.
Then I played a silly game of Feng Shui which involved trashing a traditional Chinese inn and a car/motorcycle chase through the city and around the airport. Many hilarious stunts FTW.
Managed to catch the second half of the panel game which was quite hilarious, especially the "missing words round" in which the panellists (and audience) had to complete titles of old (and unknown and most likely rather bad) titles of SciFi books.
Said good-bye to a lot of people, drove home, had a quick chat with [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones and collapsed into bed to which I'm now going to return because I'm really knackered. *sigh* I'm not used to anything anymore... Why do I have to work tomorrow?
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was again good fun.
First I played in a Witchcraft scenario run by Mark and set in the deepest rural Scotland. Nice investigation story but sadly suffering from a seriously overpowered NPC.

While the others broke for lunch, I went to sit in the Lost in Translation panel with Franklin Gunkelmann (German Filker and really nice guy) and Ian Watson (British SciFi author and also a very nice bloke with a great sense of humour). It was only the panel at first and we feared for the worst while chatting amongst ourselves but eventually, a nice group of people had turned up (even if it consisted mostly of Franklin's entourage). I guess it being on at 1pm when most people went for lunch and in the other building where you would only go if you actually wanted to attend a specific panel (rather than just randomly wandering into one in the main room) didn't help.
Still, there was a good discussion going on with lots of audience participation and we covered quite a lot of ground. Glad I joined and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vyvyan for asking me to take her place.

After finishing the Witchcraft game, I wandered around a bit, chatted to people, listened to some people incl. Ian Watson reading SciFi from a new anthology (disLocations) and then played a card game called Igor! which was quite hilarious (you're trying to build various gadgets from parts but can nick cards and parts from other players etc.).

Then I played in a GURPS scenario called Into the Labyrinth set on Mars in the nearish future. The group was part of the first human exploration crew on Mars when obviously something went wrong and we had to find out what. Interesting plot idea and a nice bunch of players some of whom I chatted with in the bar afterwards.

I also caught the tail end of the auction and picked up two card games. Afterwards I found some more people to try and plays Skallywaggs a nice game in which you have to assemble Pirates from separate body parts to form a crew that allows you to sail your ship.
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Was good. Met many of the usual suspects, went to open ceremony, listened to a panel on computers (failing or not) in SciFi, wandered around a bit and then spent the rest of the evening playing the War on Terror board game, which was a lot of fun, even if it lasted until well after 1am (the terrorists won). I actually would have won in my next turn if I hadn't been obliterated by a Civil War.

Filkers are strange people. That's a completely different level of geekiness... o_O

Off again in a bit to see if there's something interesting to sign up for in the afternoon (and in the morning, if possible), then maybe grab a few people to play a board or card game, then the Lost in Translation panel at 1 and then we'll see.

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