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On Saturday I took photos of Last July at an abandoned warehouse in London and I've been working on them this evening. I usually don't do a lot of extreme image processing, a bit of a crop, some exposure, contrast and colour adjustment, that's it. Then I came across this image of Alix almost floating in air so I decided to play with the effects in Lightroom a bit and this was the result:

Sepia ghost
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Last July - Alix
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To my horror I just realised I hadn't blogged about this summer's group portrait shoot at The Roost. Every year a group of (mostly amateur or semi-pro) photographers get together and hire a venue in central London. The Roost (or its sibling, The Perch) is ideal for this as you get three floors worth of different rooms, all individually furnished and stuffed with interesting, weird and wonderful props. Most rooms have huge windows so there is plenty of natural light and I usually don't need to rely on extra lighting equipment. There is always a number of models available but many photographers bring their own. We usually work on a collaboration basis, i.e. nobody gets paid and it's an exchange of time and skills. In the end, models, photographers and designers will have new material for their portfolios.

This year I had only two planned sets, one with the band Last July and the other a collaboration with the dress designer Jezebelle's Boutique, the model Druidess of Midian and the hat designer Off With Her Head.

So, here are a few examples: First off, Last July:

Last July

Last July on the nice sofa

Last July - Nevla

Last July - Dvae

Last July at The Roost - Alix

Druidess of Midian:

Va Va Voom!

Skull Dress Pinup

Skull Dress Pinup

Fascinating Fascinators 2

A few more shots incl. some from behind the scenes on flickr.
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This was my last set at the Perch.
Danielle is a professional ballet dancer from Canada Gothindulgence had brought along for our group shoot. She was simply amazing and could bend in ways that shouldn't be possible. ;o)
We tried a few locations and came up with some great images, I think.


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from the "Dita" set at The Roost.

I went through the rest of the shots yesterday and came across this gem.

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Taking photos of people who are confident with how they look is dead easy (prime example, Nikolai from a bit further down at the Roost. He'd never done any modelling but he's confident with his body so he was a natural poser) but there are some who will run away every time a camera comes even near them.
So Maria challenged me to take at least one good photo of her friend Ruth who allegedly never used to like any photos of herself. So I did. :o) Here's one and for completeness sake, one with Maria, too.


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Maria is a former colleague and good friend of mine. Contrary to what you might think, she's not a professional model, just a stunning woman with classic looks.
The last time I'd taken photos of her was quite a while ago so we grabbed this opportunity for some new shots.
She also brought a friend who kindly assisted with outfits, makeup and holding a reflector (and got dragged in front of the camera for a shot or two as well).

Here's a little glimpse of what we got up to:


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Last Sunday a group of (mostly amateur) photographers hired The Roost, a fantastic location house in Hackney, London.
The building has a large number of rooms on four floors (basement, ground floor and two top floors) and a back garden. Each room is filled with randomly collected furniture, props and things and almost every wall (even within the same room) is decorated in different colours or wallpapers.

My first model was Neville, and it was his first time as a solo model. As the lead guitarist for the band Rome Burns he is no stranger to photo shoots, though. He had this rad purple zoot suit so we went with a gangster theme. Enjoy.


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karohemd: self portrait (photo 85mm)
A candid shot from across the room.
He's got his eyes closed but I still like this picture.
The only light was the large window camera left.

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