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Some of you might remember the charity poker tournaments in Leighton Buzzard run by [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk and his goons in the last two years. There's another one in January so if you'd like to play a few rounds of Texas Hold'em with some fine people, don't miss it. Details below. Sadly, I can't make it as it clashes with Henry Rollins. :o(

Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are receiving this email because you attended (or at least expressed an interest in attending) last year's Charity Poker Tournament - "Fat Sam's Grand Slam".
On the evening of Saturday 26th January, my co-conspirators and I are going to be holding our third Charity poker Tournament at Billington Hall, near Leighton Buzzard (same town as the last two years, although we have a new venue).
The theme this time around is James Bond, and there will be full details on the website in the next week or so. Do visit the website to remind yourself of what happened the last couple of years.
Prices will be the same as last year, although there will be no afternoon freeform game this year, it's purely an evening event. Food, as in previous years, will be included in the price, and drinkies will be available at the bar.
That's all for now, a more official announcement will follow when I have updated the website. We hope to welcome you to the Casino Royale in the new year...
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Saturday was the marvellous Fat Sam's Grand Slam Charity Poker Tournament run by Graham A and [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk.
My personal writeup is here and the final results will be posted on the official website (see link above) in due course.
A selection of photos below, the full set is on flickr.


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Yesterday noonish I made my way down to the depths of Bedfordshire. Traffic was alright but I got confused due to the lack of signposting and the AA's directions so I missed a turn, came onto the A5 the wrong way and then missed another turn I remembered too late from last year so I came in through Leighton Buzzard down centre which was quite busy but miraculously I managed to find the right road and got to the school in plenty of time.

The Boss of Bosses mobster freeform was good fun and my governor actually made it alive through the end, which couldn't be said of most of the mob. Result. :o)

After a break, loads more people arriving and setting up the room, the poker tournament, run by Graham A and [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk went ahead.
Suprisingly, I did really well in the beginning, moving tables twice and waving good-bye to various people who had utterly outplayed me last year. I guess it was a combination of actually having a good few hands, and much luck but I need to be more confident and aggressive on the one hand and fold more often on the other.
Staying in as long as I did also meant I got into the "Last Chance Saloon" (the losers' table) quite late which in turn meant I was horribly short-stacked and didn't get the hands I needed to get in properly.

The final table was very strong (as to be expected) and consisted of both very experienced players and absolute "virgins". The last hand was awesome when [livejournal.com profile] chomper99 went all-in with 6 and 2 off-suit which turned into a Full House which beat Andy's Flush. o_O
Due to time-restraints, the winner was determined by number of chips which meant (can't remember her name) came out on top, beating both [livejournal.com profile] chomper99 and Andy. Very cool.
I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk will be posting the final numbers of money raised but IIRC, it was around the 1500 quid mark.
Photos tomorrow.
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As you might remember, on Saturday is the Charity Poker Tournament in Leighton Buzzard. You can still sign up and come along. [livejournal.com profile] envoy, IIRC you were interested?

There is also a Gangster-themed freeform (rules-lite LARP) called Boss of Bosses in the afternoon at the same venue and they still have one female and one male role open.

So, if you're up for any of the two or both, get in touch with the organisers (see website).

Poker fun

6 Jan 2007 10:56 pm
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Just got back from Farcet where [livejournal.com profile] autumn_storm and [livejournal.com profile] twentypence were hosting a poker evening, and much fun it was.
I was very much surprised when I came second but my last few hands just didn't match [livejournal.com profile] allucius'. We could probably have played for a few hours more but as [livejournal.com profile] diasporal_waves had to head home, we played til 9:20 to see who had the most chips at that time.

Good fun and good practice for the Charity tournament at the end of the month. I've got a pretty good idea of when to fold and when to bet/raise now so that should help. It won't be a regular feature but I wouldn't say no to a few more poker evenings with good friends.
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Remember this?

Well, on the 27th of January, another themed poker tournament will be held, this time the theme is Prohibition Era/30's Mobsters. Any and all welcome.
If you're interested, read the website and sign up!

And if that isn't enough for you, there's a Gangster freeform in the afternoon before Poker commences.

So, find yourselves some costume, grab your doll and get a ride to the middle of nowhereLeighton Buzzard on the 27th!

Oh, and can someone please tell [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk that I would love to be able to comment on his LJ?

Bollocks, I have no costume. Anyone have a Fedora I could borrow?

[livejournal.com profile] madmoses, fancy coming over for a visit? ;o)
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I didn't win but that wasn't the point.
In fact, I actually didn't too badly and was only the fourth to leave my table and then held out until the last hand of the Last Chance table without buying additional chips.
ETA: We were playing Texas Hold 'Em with gradually rising blinds, just like on the pro circuit.
On the first table, luck quickly shifted to Allison and [livejournal.com profile] colonel_maxim who had either incredible good luck or just bluffed incredibly well. I had one good hand (three jacks) but didn't bet strategically enough so didn't win a lot.
After going out, I joined the Last Chance table and managed to stay in til the end, waxing and waning as I went along, never being chip leader or last, either. Sadly, I didn't have enough chips in the last hand, or I would have won quite a bit.

The drive to Leighton Buzzard was OK until the very last bit where I just chanced a random turn-off from the A5 which happened to be the right one. Scary little country road with lots of bumps and, annoyingly, hidden summits and dips. I hate it when I suddenly can't see the road anymore...
The way back was even quicker, not even 1.5 hours.

It was very good to see some of you again and it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one.

There'll be a couple of photos tomorrow.
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Update with all the info you'll need to sign up

Who's in? I'll be driving so if you're in Cambridge or on the way, you can have a lift (up to three people).
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Hi people,

I mentioned this a while ago.
This will take place in Leighton Buzzard on Saturday, the 11th of February.

If you'd like to play Poker for a good cause (you decide which charity your money goes to) and dress up in your fines Wild West gear, read below and get in touch. Malk needs to know numbers asap for proper planning etc.

Come on, even if you if you've never played, it'll be a laugh.

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Anyone know how to and willing to teach me some tricks of the trade?
We'll be playing lots (Five Card Draw, Western stylee) at Tombstone and I'll be playing a gambler, so I want to practice a bit before then (11th of Nov).

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