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Neverwhere (BBC mini series) is online

ETA: This might not be available outside of the UK. :/
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Amanda Palmer requested photos of people who had bought the book of photos of her dead self so I made these.
The book is great and has a variety of photos from Kyle Cassidy, Beth Hommel and a number of other photographers as well as lyrics from AFP's solo album of the same name and a few short stories by Neil Gaiman accompanying those photos.
It's a lovely book, go and buy it.
It also combines three of my favourite artists so I'm very happy indeed.


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2 Jul 2009 10:29 pm
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How to test if your webserver is up to scratch: Have Neil Gaiman tweet a link to it. Over 666,666 followers clicking at the same time should do the trick. ;)

RT please click on it @paulandstorm: trying to run our new servers through their paces; everyone visit http://www.paulandstorm.com now .
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Page with YouTube links from the event in Dublin, Neil reads from the WKAP book. Neil said on his blog that he hadn't expected 500+ people. I was suprised that it was only 500...

A more complete post is here.
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Neil Gaiman reads the first chapter of The Graveyard Book.
Watch out for the hilarious West Country accent. ;o)
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(a quite rare beast on my f-list but they do exist)
There's currently a poll on his website for which book should be made available online for free. The race seems to have shrunk down to being between American Gods (leading) and Neverwhere (as in the TV serial).
So, fans, if you haven't already, vote for the book you'd recommend and not-yet-fans, vote for the book you'd love to read. Anansi Boys is probably the least accessible as it follows American Gods in a way (set in the same universe and contains references). M is for Magic is targeted at "younger readers". I personally haven't read it so can't say anything about it. Smoke&Mirrors and Fragile Things are short story collections.
American Gods is superb, though.
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Neil Gaiman will be signing stuff at the London Forbidden Planet on Friday. I have the day off and could easily train down and up again.
Would be cool to meet him extremely briefly in the flesh, say Hi etc. but the queues will no doubt be huge and I might not make it to the front so it might not be worth it.

Anyone care to keep me company and for for a bite afterwards if I go?

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