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And again, I agree with Jonathan Ross: "visually stunning but lacking in depth and a story that is hardly the best that Neil Gaiman has come up with." (or something along those lines)


1 Nov 2005 08:20 pm
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Just quickly, before I head off to the pub again.

A slow start but then visually absolutely stunning.
All in all a bit let down by the plot, however, I must admit. Great acting throughout, though.
Dave McKean and Stephanie Leonidas (the lead actress, who I walked past at the entrance not knowing her) were there and talked a little bit before and had a brief Q&A session afterwards. The Odeon was a huge with nice seats and lots of headroom but the screen was almost lost in the front wall and could have been bigger.

Was it worth £30? Only if this has been my only chance to see it on the big screen. Otherwise, you can wait for it to get a wider release. I wasn't as much blown away by it as I thought I might be but it had many good and surreal moments. Still, the real spark was missing but I can't quite put my finger on it.
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is on at the London Film Festival.

but sold out already, it seems (according to the online booking thing). Bah. :o(

Edit: Ah, there are still tickets for the Tuesday showing. Hmmm, I could take half a day off work for that...

[livejournal.com profile] sesquipedality, fancy meeting up on the Tuesday? 30odd quid is a lot of money (ticket plus travelcard) just to see a film but if it never comes into a cinema near me, it'll be worth it.

Fuck it. I booked it. :o)

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