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Yesterday evening I managed to get out of work early to go down to London to see Stephen Fry talk about his experiences making Last Chance to See. Sadly, Mark Carwardine had been diagnosed with Swine Flu and could not make it but sent a rather amusing sick note read by Stephen.
Basically, Fry talked with (director and producer whose name I can't remember) about making the series and the challenges involved as well as more generally about conservationism and of course about Douglas Adams whose footsteps they'd been following. This was interspersed with clips from the series (incl. the meanwhile famous "You're being shagged by a rare parrot" one which incidentally was the most viewed BBC clip on the web ever - and had more viewers than Michael Jackson's funeral).
There was a short Q&A session, an auction for a "Flip-Flop Rhino" (see below) which went for £750 and the raffle for LtS stuff (sadly, I didn't win but the boy sitting next to me did).

As you know, Stephen Fry is a wonderful speaker and the whole evening was a joy. I think he could make the most boring subject engaging and interesting. Hell, I'd listen to the shipping forecast every day if he read it.

Just a shame Mark Carwardine wasn't there, I would have had a few questions for him. ;o)

I had taken the G10 along and took a few pictures. I was in the fourth row but it was a flat floor so there were a few heads in the way. The whole set is on flickr. Hm, some of them look a bit dark, I think I need to redo them on the PC rather than the laptop. What do you think?

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