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In Virginia for day two of the photo workshop. I'm so proud of the photos that everybody in the class got (and somewhat secretly jealous that I didn't take some of them) and how creative and clever everyone's being. I had to miss closing night of [info]trillian_stars' play which is one of the challenges of being a creatively bifurcated couple. But I'll be home tonight where a great awesome of guests are crashing at our house including Jason Webeley and Year of Yes author Maria Headley and the amazing toy piano player Eliza Rickman (stop what you're doing and watch this video, who I'm very excited to meet. So it's a trip from the madness to more madness.

In honor of the world's ending last night I wanted to do a shoot with the class of an angel hurling the Earth through a ball of fire (it seemed appropriate at the time). Here's Liz and Aaron channeling The Ink Spots......

We didn't get raptured, in case you were wondering.

This is the kind of stuff we do. Must run, class is starting.

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This is excellent advice, some I've already known and follow myself and a few interesting ideas.Read more... )
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He took some great production stills for a rather unusual and fantastic production of Twelfth Night at the Curio Theatre Company in Philadelphia. Click the big pic for more photos:

There are links to the designers and info about tickets on Kyle's LJ.
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Amanda Palmer requested photos of people who had bought the book of photos of her dead self so I made these.
The book is great and has a variety of photos from Kyle Cassidy, Beth Hommel and a number of other photographers as well as lyrics from AFP's solo album of the same name and a few short stories by Neil Gaiman accompanying those photos.
It's a lovely book, go and buy it.
It also combines three of my favourite artists so I'm very happy indeed.


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