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It's Pancake Day in the UK but I'm not a huge fan and always preferred the thicker, fluffier version called Kaiserschmarrn (Wikipedia has a few theories as to the origins of the dish).
There are of course as many recipes as there are families for this dish but the below works best for me. Good quality free range eggs are essential, not just for ethical reasons but also for the colour.

Kaiserschmarrn with home made icing sugar

Ingredients: (1 person as main for dinner, 3 for dessert)
Eggs (3 large, 4 medium or 5 small)
plain flour
caster sugar
icing sugar
raisins or similar (optional: soaked in rum or whisky)

Separate the eggs, whisk the yolks with ca. 3tbsp of sugar, add about two parts milk and then about 3 or 5 tbsp of sifted flour (whisk in the flour one by one until it's the consistency of double cream). Beat the egg whites with a small pinch of salt to stiff peaks. Let the batter rest/expand for about 20 minutes then fold in the beaten egg whites until incorporated.
Heat a large, thick bottomed frying pan (cast iron is ideal), melt enough butter to generously cover the bottom, pour in the batter. Turn the heat down to medium after about a minute. When the underside starts to brown, chuck in a handful of raisins into the still liquid batter. Cook until just set on top or the bottom is dark brown and turn the pancake over. Let brown for a bit then break up into bitesized pieces with your spatula, turn the heat down to low and continue frying for about five minutes or until cooked through. Plate generous portions and dust with icing sugar.
Instead of turning over the pancake, you can also put the pan onto the top shelf of a hot oven (top heating element/grill only) and cook the upper side that way.
Serve with apple sauce or other fruit compote/preserve and possibly some ice cream. :o)
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I didn't have any icing sugar for my Kaiserschmarrn (my recipe) so I thought I'd try making my own.
I placed some demerera sugar (which I prefer to refined sugars) in my mini food processor, which is an attachment for my stick blender, and pulsed until I ended up with a fine powder.
It's not quite as fine as the shop bought stuff (maybe blending some more would do the trick) but it's from unrefined sugar so it tastes better.
I should have taken some pics of the process to show the difference but didn't think of it, sorry.

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After the fish and meat indulgence over the last two evenings, I fancied some traditional grub so made a pan of Kaiserschmarrn. It was very yummy.
I had run out of fresh fruit so I had those wonderful cherries in cherry liqueur I'd found at the greengrocer in Arbury Court on the side. Rather strong but oh so yummy.

In Austria or Bavaria you'd eat it as a main meal but it would just work as well as a dessert (obviously in a smaller portion).

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The recipe's on flickr (click the big pic).

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