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JJ in the dark
My favourite from the last session.
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A more detailed post will follow but I made it back in one piece, getting up really early (3am local time) notwithstanding. The drive to Hanover was quiet and utterly beautiful with the sun rising over very low lying fog. Although small, Hanover aiport isn't easy to navigate if you don't know which terminal your check-in desk is and your gate is a different. I did make it in time, though. The flight was slightly delayed and then there was a longer wait until we could park in Standsted. I was a bit worried because after another wait for the long stay car park bus, I'd be in Cambridge just before 9 with the horror of the A14. Thankfully, the only thick bit of traffic was off the A14 onto Histon Road so all good.
For photo previews of Friday and Saturday, click the small pics.

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Today was another busy day as we went shopping for dinner ingredients, had a first portrait session, watched Slither and cooked dinner. Finally, we visited [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones' microbiology lab at Uni Göttingen for a "Mad Scientist" shoot. A few choices from today:


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After a pleasant drive, short check-in and equally pleasant flight, I arrived in Hanover 20 minutes early. [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones eventually found me and we made our way through the whole airport to her car. There was some heavy traffic on one section of the motorway but the rest of the journey was OK.
I dropped off my stuff, repacked my bag and then we strolled through Göttingen's botanical gardens which are literally around the corner from her flat. There were some beautful flowers, frogs and water lillies as well as an incredibly humid rainforest house.

After that we had a hearty salad lunch at Meyer's and strolled through the town centre, had some fab ice cream and bought a bunch of CDs as well as some cake for coffee and bread, Wurst and cheese for dinner.
Back at [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones' we had coffee on her terrace and then looked through the photos.

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After dinner we'll go out for a little tour of the bars and pubs.

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