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It seems Kavey gave me the ice cream bug so yesterday I made another batch. I had five blood oranges in my organic box this week and thought those would make a great base. I first zested them with a grater, then cut off the peels as close to the flesh as possible without leaving any white pith behind, blitzed the lot with my stick blender (quick and easy way to juice oranges) and strained the juice through a sieve. I cooked down the juice with the zest, some sugar, a stick of cinnamon, a piece of star anise, two cloves and the seeds and husk of a vanilla pod to a thickish syrup (probably about 200ml). Into that I whisked a 300ml tub of double cream and set aside to infuse for half an hour. After that I took out the whole spices and brought the temperature up again. Meanwhile I whisked three egg yolks in a bowl with about three tablespoons of sugar until foamy. Into that I carefully whisked the juice/cream mix and then transferred the custard back to the saucepan to finish cooking while stirring, taking care not to boil the mix (or you'll end up with scrambled eggs), until the consistency was right (the custard coats the back of a wooden spoon and won't run when you run your finger through it). It tasted really strong, almost mouth puckeringly tart so I hoped the flavour would be strong enough for the end product. I poured the finished custard into a freezer tub and let it cool down to room temperature before putting into the freezer and forking through every half hour or so.
And lo, the finished ice cream tasted fantastic, really tart, just as I like fruit ice cream to be, almost too tart on its own. I could imagine this going really well with a chocolate mousse or a sweet crumble. ETA: It was perfect with chocolate brownies. :o)

Spiced Blood Orange Ice Cream

This is another entry for Kavey's Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream challenge (click the thumbnail below to go there):


P.S.: In German, the process of cooking the custard is called "zur Rose abziehen" which literally translates as "pull off to the rose" because when you blow at the back of a spoon coated in custard it will fan out in a pattern that looks similar to a flower. Try it (if you care about those things maybe only if you're going to eat the ice cream yourself and don't serve it to others) to see for yourself.

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Yesterday I made something I'd never made before for various reasons but mainly because I don't have a freezer in my tiny studio flat, only a tiny compartment in my fridge that just about makes water hard. I'd read and seen on various blogs that you don't need a machine to make ice cream if you stir the mix regularly so I'd considered trying that. I rose to the challenge because fellow food blogger and twitter foodie Kavey posted a Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream challenge on her blog (click the thumbnail below to go there).

The rules for the challenge stipulate that it had to be a custard base recipe so I made one using:
350ml double cream
250ml single cream
2 egg yolks
3 tbsp demerera sugar
the husk of half a vanilla pod I'd kept in my sugar

This I know how to do so it came out really nicely.
For the flavouring I cooked down two smallish chopped apples with 2tsp of ground cinnamon. This I mixed into the custard using a stick blender to ensure even distribution. The final mix tasted great and I was very happy with it. After it had cooled, I filled the custard into a small freezer tub and put it into my freezer compartment, hoping for the best. Every half hour or so I stirred the mix with a fork to break up the ice that had formed and after about four hours or so it had reached a consistency that was very close to ice cream. I even managed to make a reasonably looking quenelle:
Apple and Cinnamon Ice Cream

Now for the disappointment: Unlike the custard, the flavour of the finished product is rather weak. I guess I have to pack in more next time. However, as a first attempt, I really happy with it. Any suggestions more than welcome (please reply with OpenID or include your name and blog/twitter link in your anonymous reply). Many thanks.

Update - A few tips (own experience and others'):
- the initial custard needs to be very strong in flavour, almost too strong to be comfortable when you taste it
- next time I make the above I will cook a stick of cinnamon with the cream and leave to infuse for some time which should intensify the flavour
- use a round container and one is big enough so it's not filled all the way up to make vigorous stirring easier

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